Cleaning for Less Severe Allergies

If you live in Michigan and have even a slight susceptibility to allergies, you have probably been miserable the past few months. Typically, I notice my allergies about two or three days out of the year. This year however, it has been awful every couple weeks. Pollen alerts are everywhere, and those with allergies are really feeling it this year. The alerts faviconhave finally started to die down, and hopefully seasonal allergies are winding down for the year.

One positive way this has affected at least my life style is by forcing me to do my “spring cleaning” once every other week for the past couple of months. I hate feeling groggy, so my house was scrubbed down again and again in the hopes that it would lessen the feeling at least slightly. All this cleaning is one reason why cleaning brush manufacturers have been enjoying my business. I have a new bottle brush to scrub out my water bottles and thermoses, a nice wide brush to scrub out the tub and sinks, new spiral brushes on a new vacuum and then of course there are the many old brushes that have been put to work. Dusting, tile scrubbing, cleaning out every cupboard and washing them down, behind the refrigerator, cleaning under beds and couches…. There are so many items that have been cleaned in these crazy months. Some things, like the space behind the refrigerator have not been seen since first moving in…

While I am sure all of this cleaning is good for me, I am no longer treating my floor as a storage shelf for all of my belongings, and it does get tiring after a while. Hopefully I can go back to my monthly or more realistic every couple month cleaning schedule as the allergy alerts subside.