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Chips and More Chips

When my parents decided to build a house, they built it in the middle of a wooded area. It was a beautiful are, but contained far too many trees to fit a home, especially when that home had to contain four kids. So the first step, before the leveling of land and building could commence, was the removal of numerous trees. One by one they had to be chopped down and disposed of. Several were cut up and distributed as firewood for my uncles, grandparents and a few for us. The rest had to be removed, and for this chipper shredders were called in.

Chipper shredders are a model of industrial shredder that is able to transform various materials such as wood, rubber, used tires, plastic or computer parts into small chips. The help by minimizing the space taken up by the waste products and help in speeding up and simplifying disposal and reprocessing operations. They turn bulky, large materials into small, uniform chips that are easy to process for future uses. The chipping process is accomplished by feeding the material into a feeding shaft. The feeding shaft will transfer the materials down into the heart of the chipper where at least two rotating rollers with jagged teeth. These teeth will assist in the slicing and tearing of the materials until they are molded into the right size for future recycling or disposal.

When it comes to processing the wood, once chipped, typically it is cleaned and then sold as consumer or commercial gardening supplies. Wood chips are the perfect addition to a yard or garden, making a visually pleasant and easy to manage yard. No matter what the chipper shredder is used for, it is a perfect tool to turn unmanageable and irregular shaped products into uniform and useful pieces.

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