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A Positive Journey in Achieving ISO 9001/AS 9100: All-New Stamping Company

ISO Certification – Don’t Go It Alone! When companies attempt to achieve ISO certification, they quickly realize it requires a huge company-wide effort. Also, the improper implementation of industry compliance can over-complicate processes and increase costs, which diminish the value of an ISO 9001:2000 certification. Bear in mind that the motivation behind this official recognition is to enhance the value and market strength of the company. This is done with a well-documented and followed set of procedures that define the processes resulting in the delivery of quality products and services. With continuous improvement imbedded in ISO requirements, obtaining the certification demonstrates a commitment to quality that lowers overall costs. This reflects a positive image to customers and the company’s stakeholders. Most firms struggle in completing this effort. A viable solution for companies getting it done right, and in a timely manner, is to enlist an experienced expert to help them implement their ISO 9000-based quality system. This case study provides an example of how this was done…and in record time.