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Vertical Balers for Lighter Materials

Balers can be either horizontal or vertical. This directional set up refers to how the materials flow and are compacted, and certain methods work better for certain materials. Horizontal balers tend to be more popular because they can compact large amounts of waste and can handle medium and heavy items. Vertical balers are typically used in industries and facilities that produce smaller amounts of waste. They often deal with materials that are lighter in both density and volume. Because vertical balers tend to be more compact than their horizontal counterparts, they are more suited for these types of functions.

For All Those Cardboard Boxes

With a sister working in the retail industry, I spent many years partaking in what most would call the Black Friday festivities, helping her store out for what they referred to as “Friends and Family Day”. The later sounds better, but it definitely was a black day to me. Endless folding, organizing, opening new boxes to restock shelves…. It was a long day that seemed to never end. It was amazing how much stuff retail stores actually have out and how much they had stored in boxes in the back. There were endless boxes, and they can be a hassle to deal with. One method that would be a great investment for retail industries is the cardboard shredder.

International Process Equipment Company: High End Pulverizer Equipment

International Process Equipment Company is an accomplished manufacturer of high powered pulverizers and industrial dryers. Our grinding mills come with a number of advantages including unique structural design, superior air flow and a wide range material processing. Our outstanding pulverizers are supported by highly durable bearings which not only extend the operation of the devices but also provide exceptional stability for large loads. We create rotors which utilize versatile fans that help distribute feed materials prior to grinding while absorbing heat which is caused by the size reduction process. Our highly advanced grinding mills are designed for hassle-free performance and uncompromising value.

Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill

Schutte-Buffalo began initially as two separate companies who came together to become something great. Schutte Pulverizer Co., Inc., in 2001, acquired the resources that Buffalo Hammermill Corporation had to offer in order to combine to form the pulverizing super power that they are today. They are dedicated to offer time honored engineering and manufacturing expertise to be applied to an ever-changing world. With over 16,000 installations worldwide and mills in over fifty countries, it is no wonder that Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill is at the top of the lists of many for all size reduction equipment needs.

For Stray Metal

In most businesses today, the goal is to find ways to save money. Many are starting to realize that one of the easiest ways to do this is recycle, recycle, recycle. By recycling the materials being used, companies can cut down their costs by about seventy five percent, and this is simple through energy consumption expenditures when compared to the mining and processing that must be done with new, fresh materials. So why is this not always the solution? Recycling metals can be slightly tricky, and several steps must be taken first. However, once they are, the costs of production will rapidly improve.

The Shredding Options

Shredders are used on a daily bases by many different people and in many different industries. They serve a variety of purpose and range from a small to large scale on their abilities and uses. Whether is be private papers that need to be destroyed for privacy reasons or the breakdown of large materials for recycling reasons, shredders make this process a whole lot easier. A small scale shredder is great for things like occasional paper shredding in the home or office. On a large scale there are industrial shredders that can handle large quantities and big objects. Some companies will have their own shredders in place for their own use, others hire recycling and shredding companies for assistance with this.

Cardboard Options for Recycling and More

If you work in the retail industry, chances are you have had to deal with enough cardboard boxes to last you a lifetime. Cardboard is a common packaging material that can be found in basically every industry today. Cardboard boxes can be found in electronics, clothing, culinary supplies, shoes, lams and other items. Further, this material is the primary one used to ship any packaged goods, from Christmas gifts to heavy industrial orders. The only major difficulty is, after you have received them, what do you do with them? They are reusable, but in industries such as retail you are receiving so many that there is no way they could all be reused so they quickly begin to stack up. And, because they are so large and bulky, room to store them, they will quickly run out as well. In these situations, one useful item to have is a cardboard shredder.

A Need for Waste Solutions: Trash Compactors

Waste is one item that is talked about almost constantly. Whether it is discussing how much food people waste, how much garbage is produced, how parts and products are made so that they can be thrown away and replaced in a year… We no longer re-use much of anything, plastic containers, bottles and baggies are used once and then tossed. While it may be easier to throw away a water bottle instead of carrying around an empty reusable one, it is extremely hard on the environment. Many easily disposed products such as these end up not making it to landfills, not to mention all the energy that must be used to constantly create these products. The best way to solve the problem is to go green and start treating the environment better.