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Anywhere You Need Us: Himes Service Company, Inc.

At Himes Service Company, Inc., your success is our success. Founded in Waco, Texas, by Buddy Himes, Himes Service Company has been providing expertise for our customers since 1997. Your one-stop shop, Himes Service Company has all of your recycling equipment needs. We are the only stop you need to make for all new and used equipment, parts and service. Himes Service Company provides sales and service on most major brands of scrap processing and recycling equipment including balers, conveyors, shredders, sort systems, chip processors, densifiers, and shears.

Harris Waste Management Group, Inc.

We have the strongest baler distribution network in the waste and recycling industry. In business for over 100 years, Harris Waste Management Group, Inc., is a world class front-runner in manufacturing ferrous and non-ferrous processing equipment: shears, balers and shredders. We have improved and advanced our line of shears, balers and shredders decade after decade. They are more than tough, they are trustworthy, and we work hard to keep them that way. Day in and day out.

Turnkey Recycling Solutions From Eurohansa

Eurohansa has been designing, developing, and manufacturing industrial shredders and recycling machinery for industries around the world since 1988. As the most experienced shredder manufacturing company, we provide many within the recycling industry with the most durable and technically engineered solutions available. We offer every type of recycling and shredding machine from low speed shredders and grinders to horizontal grinders and shredders. From any material, any volume or any recycling application, Eurohansa offers a solution to suit our customer’s needs.

Granutech-Saturn Systems Upholds Reputation with High Performing Shredders

Here at Granutech-Saturn Systems we manufacture durable shredders and hammermills, crushers, loggers, grinders and granulators, powderizers, and refiner mills. Originally named MAC Corporation when we were founded in 1968, we acquired Granutech and Saturn Shredders which expanded our business to include shredders and recycling equipment. Our almost 50 years of experience in size and volume reduction has cultivated our reputation as a world renowned designer and manufacturer of recycling systems.

International Baler Corporation: Helping Companies Recycle

International Baler Corporation has over 60 years of experience with converting industrial waste from a necessary cost into an added stream of profits through recycling. We have been a leader in design and manufacturing of commercial and industrial recycling equipment, shipping worldwide. We offer the largest and most diversified product line in the industrial baler industry and have over 150 years of combined experience in engineering and manufacturing in this industry.

BACE: Changing the Industrial Baling Game

At BACE we enjoy finding innovative solutions and manufacturing industrial balers that will change the way the industry operates. We do not consider ourselves to be just a manufacturing company. Instead we prefer to say we are in the manutechturing company, combining our old school manufacturing values and our new age technology expertise into our products.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc: Solid Waste Management

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is a third generation family business on the cutting edge of solid waste management. Our company was started over 40 years ago and set the standards in the industrial baling industry early on. We have now become a global leader in designing and manufacturing solid waste equipment. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and pride ourselves on producing equipment that protects the environment and ensures a more beautiful world for the generations to come. We are located in Harmony, Minnesota and focus on key items of quality, customer service, and safety.

SSI Shredding Systems, Inc: Industrial Shredding Systems

SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. is a world class designer and manufacturer of industrial shredders and size reduction systems. Our company was started in 1980 and has designed, built, and supported shredding solutions all over the world. Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, our company has a 100,000 square foot, full service manufacturing site. The culture at SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. is one of innovation and motivated by continually asking, what needs shredding? Customers get custom tailored systems with many design benefits to solve all their unique shredding needs.

Vecoplan, LLC: Shredding Innovation

Vecoplan, LLC has been providing shredders and shredding technology to a variety of industries since 1969. Our company was started in Bad Merienber, Westerwald, Germany and in 2000 Vecoplan successfully started business operations in the North American Market. For over 40 years we have been manufacturing high quality shredders and wood chippers. We are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to shredding applications and technology and have the practical knowledge necessary to provide the right solutions for our customer’s needs. Vecoplan, LLC was awarded a European patent on our unique “U-rotor” design which has allowed us to venture into new markets.

Tire Shredders

The car that I am currently driving is about twelve years old and I have been the owner of it for about eight years. As the car has gotten older is has needed some repairs and replacement parts that come natural with any aging car. Recently I had to purchase some new tires for it as mine were getting so old that they were becoming unsafe to drive with. Once a tire has seen its best days there is really no reusing or renewing process that can make it usable again. Instead of companies just throwing these tires away in a landfill they are usually brought to a junk yard to be scrapped for metal or other parts. Most junk yards have huge industrial sized shredders so that items like cars, tires, and other large metal items can be shredded down to size so they can be recycled properly. These junk yards can keep the good parts that are still intact from cars to fix other ones that use the same parts in turn reusing those parts on newer cars.

Cutting Down Trees

Ever since we moved into my house many years ago there has been a huge tree in the backyard. The trunk on it was so large and it appeared to be two or three trees that had just formed together over the years. For the last few years no leaves grew on the tree anymore and we came to the conclusion that it was dead. A couple large branches began to fall in bad storms because the tree had become so brittle. It got so bad to the point that tree companies would stop by the house wanting to give quotes on the project because they could just tell that it needed to come down. Finally this past summer we got it cut down because we did not want it to eventually tip over and damage the house or any other surroundings.

5 Considerations Before Purchasing an Industrial Baler

By Harmony Enterprises Inc., Manufacturer of Recycling and Waste Management Equipment

When you are looking for an industrial baler, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many sizes, manufacturers, and features that differentiate one baler from another. Often, companies searching for balers or other recycling equipment are looking for ways to improve their operating efficiency in the leanest way possible.

Cardboard and Recycling

How often do you deal with cardboard on a regular basis? If you run your own business or have a slight shopping addiction, the answer is probably a lot. Boxes can help your everyday tasks in so many ways. Cardboard is helpful for wrapping gifts, delivering packages and so much more. They are so helpful when they are being used, but when they are not being used, they tend to take up a lot of room. Large and bulky, they can be hard to store, and once you no longer have a need of them, what do you do?

Painting and Paint Cans

Painting seems to run in my family. Not so much artistry painting, but wall painting. While I am not talented enough for great works of art, I do love to paint rooms. I get tired of the same thing, the same room year after year, and so every couple of years I like to change it up. It helps keep things interesting, and is able to give a fresh look. It is a way to pass the time on a rainy day, and can be a lot of fun. However, if you are painting frequently, especially for those in the painting business, that means a lot of empty paint cans. And these items cannot simply be thrown away.

A Solution for Old Drums

While you might not have an excessive amount of steel 55 gallon drums lying around your house, these products are very useful and common in a number of industries. These products are large, cylindrical containers. The normal sized drum is able to contain 55 gallons, making it great for an array of shipping and storing applications. Most often, they are used to store various liquids or loose raw materials. The ability to store such a large supply of products in containers such as these can be perfect for all sorts of industries including petroleum, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste collection, waste water treatment and agriculture.

For Simple Transportation and Storage

While homes do not have too much of a problem disposing of all of their trash, the same cannot always be said for businesses. A household typically only fills their dumpster each week, and this is picked up by the garbage service. However, if you are in a business, there might be a lot more that needs to be disposed. There might be a week where there are extra deliveries, doubling or tripling the usual amount. And, when you are a big business, all of that extra material can be costly. That is why many businesses turn to a baling press.

Cardboard Reduction

New recycling plants are opening constantly as recycling gains momentum. As they expand, new and even more efficient balers are being purchased. Many are even created to be geared towards a specific use. For instance, cardboard balers are designed specifically for, you guessed it, baling cardboard. A fact that I did not know is that we generate roughly two and a half pounds of diesel air pollution every time we empty the cardboard from the dumpster. This is a lot of pollution considering how often dumpsters tend to need to be emptied. Picture the amount of boxes going into retail stores daily, once those boxes are emptied they need to go somewhere.

A Good Investment

Every business situation is unique. So when it comes to the materials needed to get started, each business might be looking for something slightly different than the standard and traditional options. For example, balers can be quite useful in all sorts of businesses from farming to restaurants to retail. Yet, not all of these will want large standard horizontal balers. For restaurants and retail, vertical balers will be of more use. And depending on the size of the business, whether it is corporate or a small hometown business, a used vertical baler might be the better option.

Sustainable Development

I realize that this blog tends to sound more like a recycling blog than an industrial baler blog, but I really cannot help it. The fact is, recycling is on the minds of many today. Sustainability and finding a way to reuse and make the most of Earth’s resources is vital to the survival of the planet. Tuning into the news right now, you might hear about the Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The event focuses on many issues such as jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disasters. Nearly all of these can be linked to finding sustainable and “green” options for improvement. The oceans and water systems are easily polluted and green jobs could really boost economies. It is a topic all around us, finding a way to make the planet sustainable, and starting to really take care of the Earth. And in many ways, balers are the first step.