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Latest Insights in the Evolving Digital World Makes Finding Liquid Flowmeters Easy

At we are recognized for providing fully stocked flow meters for liquid measurement distribution of Great Plains Industry’s full line of flow meters. We are an industry leader in the manufacturing of flow meters, and we make it easy to find and obtain information about flow meters by application. GPI knows how important a reliable flow meter is to customers in the field. We are on the cutting edge of technology and will our best to provide you with any GPI product you may need.

Solenoid Solutions Providing Premium Valves for all Applications

At Solenoid Solutions Inc., we manufacture a wide variety of solenoid valves for applications in many industries and fields. We manufacture solenoid valves, miniature low-watt valves, multi valve manifolds and more. Our in-house engineers develop custom solutions for equipment manufacturers in medical, appliance, transportation, power generation and industrial markets. We are able to quickly provide direct quotes and generate a prototype for your project in 5 days or less. We are proud of our rapid response service, because it means you can count on us for quality when you are in a rush.

Superior Service from MOGAS Industries

MOGAS Industries is the leading global severe service ball valve manufacturer, providing isolation and control valve solutions and engineering services for critical applications in power, mining, oil & gas, refining, chemical/petrochemical and specialty industries. Products include floating and trunnion ball designs for quarter-turn isolation, and custom trim designs for flow control.

Clark Solutions — Precise Flow Meters for Fifty Years

For fifty years, Clark Solutions has been a supplier of pumps, values and instrumentation for a wide range of industries and applications. Our full product lineup of flow meters is designed to work efficiently with your existing system. We help you control, measure and monitor variables in your systems by creating precise tools that are tuned to your performance specifications. Our products can be shipped directly to you and our sales engineers are only a phone call away if you need any assistance with your equipment.

Solenoid Solutions: Rapid Response

Depend on Solenoid Solutions, Inc. for the highest quality solenoid valve to fit your application. As solenoid valve manufacturers, we sell direct, give quick quotes over the phone, have engineers at the ready, and deliver your prototype in five days or less. Once a project is approved and in production, we’ll even manage your inventory for you. How’s that for service?

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation: Veteran Owned

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation is a global manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial ventilation systems. Our company was started in 1991 and is located in York, Pennsylvania, right in the heart of Pennsylvania’s industrial center. We are a small, veteran owned business that offers custom integration and turn-key solutions and all our products are made in America. We are a world renowned company with a reputation for being innovators in the industry and offer tailored solutions to fit each of our client’s unique needs. Many of our products are energy efficient and offer other benefits to our wide client base.

International Polymer Solutions: Quality Fluid Handling Solutions

Dedication to customer service and quality has made International Polymer Solutions a leading supplier of fluid handling products. We utilize a variety of polymers to manufacture high purity fluid handling and actuation devices. With the recent acquisition of TEQCOM Industries and BECO manufacturing, we have over 46 years of combined experience in the fluid handling industry, and our expanded manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a diverse selection of fluid handling products and actuation devices. Our company supplies manufacturers worldwide with diaphragm valves, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, manual valves, fittings, connectors, spray guns as well as many other products.

IQS Featured Profile: Humphrey Products Company

Located in Kalamazoo Michigan, Humphrey Products Company is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products that serve a wide range of industries throughout the world. Our company was established more than a century ago and our technology can be dated back to the mainstream growth of gaslight products in 1901. We have continued to produce products that are trusted by many faithful customers today. With a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of more 600 employees and with distributors located across the globe, Humphrey Products offers incomparable service no matter where you are based. Our company has enjoyed a fifty year partnership with Koganei Corporation, which is based in Japan and is one of the largest pneumatic product providers in the world.

Magnatrol Valve Corp. – Manufacturing High Quality Solenoid Valves Since 1936

Magnatrol Valve Corp. was founded in 1936 with a goal to provide reliable solenoid valves. Our solenoids are made to control a variety of materials including: corrosive fluids, oxygen, gas, steam, solvents, cryogenics, oil and water. All of our products are manufactured in the United States and our items are thoroughly tested to ensure maximum performance and quality. Magnatrol Valve Corp. is an industry leader of 2-way bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves and we will always provide on-time delivery. With over 75 years of experience we have the experiences to create a perfect valve for your application.

Check-All Valve Manufacturing Co. Offers Highly Innovated Check Valves

Check-All Valve Manufacturing Co. has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1958. Over the years our company has been on the forefront of creating the most reliable and long-lasting check valves on the market. We are an internationally recognized turn-key supplier who strives to provide our customers with durable and innovated fabrications. We put an emphasis on customer satisfaction which is why our engineers take extra measures to service each customer’s individual needs. We create a number of check valve configurations including: flange insert, sanitary cartridge, union insert, universal low/high pressure and wafer. The engineers at Check-All Valve design our products to provide silent operation with spring loaded functionality which optimizes its location to be separated from any potentially aggressive solutions.

Wineman Technology, Inc.

Since our founding in 1991 Wineman Technology, Inc. has been providing data acquisition systems that remain on the leading edge of innovations at all times. With capabilities such as software engineering, mechanical engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic design as well as many others it is no wonder why many customers around the world choose Wineman Technology, Inc. as their number one source for all of their data acquisition needs. WTI is proud to boast customers around the world including Canada, Mexico; as well as many in Europe, Asia and of course the United States.

Primary Fluid Systems: Innovation Since 1991

Since our founding in 1991 Primary Fluid Systems has been a world class manufacturer of metering pumps that serve a variety of industries around the globe. Some of the various industries that Primary Fluid Systems’ products serve include chemical applications, industrial usage, irrigation industries as well as many others. We offer a custom line of products designed specifically to fit the needs of customers around the world. Since our beginning Primary Fluid Systems has been fabricating products such as static mixers, flow meters, as well as specialty valves and pumps.

Pacific Environmental Technologies: Global Supplier of Premium Air Filters

Pacific Environmental Technologies has created high-tech environmentally controlled cleanroom and laboratory equipment since 1989. Our highly experienced teams engineered solutions for a number of sophisticated projects. We are a recognized manufacturer of high quality products across the globe. Our company works hard to satisfy customers which results in long-term relations and reliable after-sale support. Pacific Environmental Technologies provides outstanding air filters that are ideal for controlling several environmental items such as temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, flow, particulate levels and more.

Hiawatha Rubber: Flexible Thinking

Hiawatha Rubber is a competent and leading supplier of diaphragm valves. However, Hiawatha Rubber is more than just a manufacturer, they are critical thinking, problem solving, organization that equips customers with the most ideal solutions possible. The engineers at Hiawatha Rubber take extra measures to ensure products will not fail in order to avoid unwanted downtime. Their teams offer uncompromising products and services by fully analyzing every nuance of the operating environment which results in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Butterfly Valves & Controls Inc.

Butterfly Valves & Controls Inc. is a distinguished leader of butterfly valves and actuator systems. Our resourceful company takes pride in saying we are not a typical Chinese manufacturer. Butterfly Valves & Controls is a highly certified and reliable manufacturer offering durable products across the globe. We utilize highly innovated software to accurately design products to fit customers’ needs. All products are extensively tested to ensure satisfactory operation and all components are designed to be fairly priced. Butterfly Valves & Controls is also striving to protect the ozone and reduce the speed of global warming which is why we have taken important steps in developing emission valve technology which keeps emissions below 15ppm.

Burket Fluid Control Systems: Global Supplier and Industry Leader

Burkert Fluid Control Systems is recognized as a growing supplier of highly innovated products. We are on the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in our industry and our products utilize creative designs which results in maximum proficiency. Our company offers a comprehensive line of solenoid valves, pneumatics, sensors, transmitters, controllers, proportional valves, control valves and more. Burkert Fluid Control Systems is proud to be a global supplier of these value-added systems and our company has branches in 35 countries around the world. Our large network of partners effectively reaches out to offer products and services to every country on the globe.

Precision Filtration Products Offers Quality and Variety

Precision Filtration Products is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of custom filtration products and systems. Located in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, our company has a dedicated staff with years of knowledge and experience to assist customers with any and every filtration challenge they may have. Whether customers are in need of air, gas or liquid filters for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Precision Filtration Products has an extensive catalog to provide meet each customer’s unique requirements. Whether customers need an old or rare filter part, help designing a system, or customization, Precision Filtration Products is confident we can meet requirements and exceed expectations.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory. Inc. – A Community Oriented Manufacturer

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. is a pioneer of pneumatic solutions and check valves. In 1941 William Clippard began manufacturing electrical test equipment, magnetic windings and radio frequency coils. This company has greatly expanded to manufacturing cylinders, control valves, filters, regulators, lubricators, fittings, tubing and more. Clippard offers thousands of products each with their own unique advantages. These premium solutions are supported by a highly knowledgeable staff that can make any necessary modifications to a product if a customer requires. Clippard engineers work with customers to design custom valves, cylinders, fittings or assemblies.

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