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TEMCO Parts Washers Places Emphasis on Exceptional Customer Service

At TEMCO Parts Washers our goal is to contribute to the simplicity of all product-development efforts in the industrial parts washer industry. We find that too many customers are dissatisfied with customer service, complicated control systems, difficult maintenance procedures, and inadequate availability of parts from washer companies. That’s why we place an emphasis on providing our customers with high-quality, simple to use and easy to repair products. We’re making maintaining and repairing parts washers’ simple again.

Dependable Industrial Ovens from David Weisman, LLC

For over 30 years, David Weisman, L.L.C. has designed and manufactured industrial ovens, dyers, and heaters. We strive to provide dependable, quality, cost-effective equipment. Our experience and capabilities encompasses a wide variety of systems. The last 18 years we have been dedicated to developing top of the line equipment for the process heat oven and finishing systems industry. Our expertise includes the design and manufacturing of preheat, cure, dry and post heat, post-cure ovens, gas and electric infrared heaters and infrared ovens, hot air convection ovens, walk-in batch ovens, bench-top lab ovens, UV ovens, and many more.

Versatile Industrial Ovens from SJS Equipment, LLC

Here at SJS Equipment, LLC, we manufacture top of the line quality industrial ovens, right here in the USA! Our powder-coat batch processing ovens and high production dryers are second to none. We service a variety of industries including the screen printing industry. With value-added safety features such as non-locking doors, flame safeguard, dual gas valve, proof of pilot shutdown, gas pressure fluctuation shutdown, loss of airflow shutdown, and overheat shutdown you are sure to receive an industrial oven to meet your requirements. Our company represents “American Manufacturing at its finest”.

World Class Test Chambers From Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products

For over 75 years Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc. has been providing world-class temperature management solutions to our customers the first time around. Our vision is to create an environment that will allow our team to successfully grow, while developing solutions to meet and/or exceed all of our customers’ needs. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality of products that are cost-effective and comply with standards and regulatory requirements. Our chambers are built with value, reliability, and performance in mind, and we are always placing our client’s needs first.

Despatch Industries Specializing in Thermal Processing Solutions

Despatch Industries specializes in thermal processing technology for worldwide markets. We place a special emphasis on providing solutions for clients in the electronics, healthcare, materials, transportation and industrial sectors. We have collaborated with customers in thermal design and engineering for over 100 years. Despatch’s global headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we have offices located around the world. Technology drives our company, and we even partner with leaders in the solar industry to create integrated solar solutions that optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs.

System Technologies, Inc.: Finishing and Cleaning Solutions

System Technologies has been manufacturing and installing the most comprehensive solutions in industrial finishing systems across the country since 1989. With over 30 years of experience in finishing technology, our expertise is in automated coatings application. System Technologies, Inc. is comprised of two divisions, STI Industrial Finishing Systems Division and STI Aqueous Cleaning Systems Division. We work with our customers to assess their needs and provide the correct equipment to maximize production and quality.

Alemite: The obvious choice for lubrication systems

Alemite® has been a supplier of quality lubrication systems and equipment to multiple industries since 1918, and has become an international leader in designing and manufacturing cost-effective products. We offer a full line of lubrication products and systems including a variety of reels, grease guns, pumps, single point lubricators, centralized lubrication systems, control valves and meters, aerospace fittings, industrial fittings, diesel exhaust fluid, and many more.

Offering the best Finishing Equipment for over 50 years.

Great Lakes finishing Equipment, Inc. is a distributor of abrasive blast equipment, standard and engineered aqueous wash systems, vibratory and high energy deburring, waste water treatment, services and supplies. We have over 50 years of experience in the finishing industry. We have specialists in Aqueous Washing, Abrasive Sand Blasting, Vibratory Finishing, and Polishing and Buffing. We are located in South Elgin, Illinois in order to better reach and serve our customers.

Satisfying the Metal Finishing Industry Since 1991.

Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc. is a leading, ISO 9001-2000 certified supplier of finishing and abrasive blasting equipment from a network of quality manufacturers. Our products include vibratory equipment & supplies, sandblast equipment & supplies, a full line of abrasives, and wheelblast equipment. Our corporate office and jobshop are both located in Wisconsin. Midwest Finishing Systems stocks a complete line of blasting abrasives, tumbling medias and compounds to meet your needs. We also stock a complete line of coated abrasives for the metal and wood industries.

Top Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer.

Stoelting is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, diversified manufacturer of frozen treat equipment, frozen beverage dispensers and aqueous cleaning systems for general industrial applications, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and the electronics assembly & semi-conductor packaging industries. We have earned our reputation as a leading manufacturer of industrial washers and electronic cleaning equipment, which is a reflection of our modern engineering and uncompromising quality.

We are Leaders. We are JRI Cleaning Systems.

JRI Cleaning Systems is one of the largest, most experienced parts washer manufacturers in the United States. Our products include Front-Load Washers, Vertical Door Washers, Heavy Duty Washers, F-Series Washers, Top-Load Washers, Rotary Drum Washers, DIP Agitation Cleaning Systems, Pass-Through Washers, and Refurbished Equipment. Located in Springfield Missouri, our 50,000 sq. ft. facility houses the most experienced engineering group and the production buildings of both custom and standard units. Through plant efficiencies we offer unrivaled turnaround time on orders and customer service.

Wisconsin Oven Corp: Leader in Industrial Oven Manufacturing.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation has been a top manufacturer, designer and engineer of industrial ovens since 1973. The ovens we produce serve numerous purposes ranging from drying and heat treating to curing and finishing. Wisconsin Oven Corporation is owned by Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a globally leading company in thermal processing products. We are located in East Troy, Wisconsin, south west of Milwaukee and northwest of Chicago.

Lewco Inc.: Top Manufacturer of Industrial Ovens

LEWCO, Inc. is a leading, ISO 9001 certified, manufacturer of process heating equipment. Products include Batch Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Drum & Tote Hot Boxes, and large Field Assembled Ovens, as well as High Temperature Furnaces.

Located in north central Ohio, LEWCO’s 165,000 sq. ft. facility houses a complete staff of over 150 industry professionals. They utilize state-of-the-art solid modeling design software and CNC metal working equipment to design and manufacture their products. Equipped with proprietary technologies, meeting strict customer requirements is no challenge for LEWCO’s team of experts.

Gladwin Tank: High Quality Pressure Vessels

Gladwin Tank Manufacturing had humble beginnings, starting out as one man’s dream, but has grown into an industry leader over the years. We started out constructing refuge dumpsters in an old dairy building. Now we operate out of our own fabrication plant and are now an industry leader in ASME pressure vessels. We have been in the pressure tank business since 1974 and have the experience that you can count on.

Whaley Products: Specialists in Industrial Process Cooling

Whaley Products has been in the industrial process cooling industry since 1993. We started out with a small area of focus by producing industrial process cooling equipment for only the plastics industry. Now Whaley Products works with a variety of different industries including: plastics, food, brewing/winery, laboratory chillers, the medical industry, and many more.

PRE-Heat, Inc.: Unmatched Knowledge of Heat Exchangers

Here at PRE-Heat, we have over 23 years of experience with heat exchangers and packaged heat recovery systems. Our company prides ourselves on knowing the business and understanding that customers want more than just the standard packaged heat exchanger. Which is why we are one of the premier custom heat exchanger manufactures that offers the applications you need with your heat exchanger.

Perceptive Industries: A History of Excellence in Thermal Technology

On the surface Perceptive Industries has been around since 2002, but our core team of engineers and founders have been in the industry for a combined 200+ years working with heat recovery, fume, abatement, curing, tempering, stress relieving , and drying processes. We understand the business from the inside and out, we understand the necessity of being on the cutting edge of your industry. We’re a leader in the industrial oven industry and we make it our goal to assist you in being a leader in your industry. Our services are used in a variety of industries including: Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food/Dairy, Water/Wastewater, Metal Finishing, and Paper/Pulp.

Engineered Abrasives: The Masters of Shot Peening Design

Established in 1935, Engineered Abrasives has become a leader in the shot peening industry. We specialize in designing and manufacturing standard and custom shot peening equipment, and with over 75 years of experience we have developed proven systems while continuing to incorporate the latest technology. As an ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, and Ford Q1 certified job shop, quality design, manufacturing, and service are our priorities. Every step of the design and fabrication process is carried out in our Alsip, Illinois facility for optimal access to our superior engineering staff and manufacturing equipment.

Equipment Manufacturing Corporation: Proven Quality and Value

Equipment Manufacturing Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automatic parts washers and aqueous parts washers. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to construct the very best parts washers in the industry, and we are dedicated to providing the most value to our customers. Our company operates with the mission of incorporating the most desired features in the parts washers industry and making them standard features in our own products. Customers can expect the very best products in the industry, and they can expect to find them at a reasonable price.

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