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Lead Manufacturer of Industrial Pallets in North America.

Litco International is a well known manufacturer and marketer of pallets, transport packaging products and load securement products for shipping needs worldwide. Our products include Molded Wood/Press Wood Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Heat Treated Pallets, and Corrugated Pallets. Other services we offer include pallet leasing, management, removal and recycling services. In addition to our headquarters in Vienna, Ohio, we have other facilities in Dover, Ohio and Sardis, Mississippi, near major states for shipping convenience.

West Coast Brush Manufacturing: Leaders in Brush Quality and Service

Dedicated to personalized service and quality products, West Coast Brush Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of custom and standard brushes. Since 1979, our company has continued to improve and develop new brush designs and manufacturing processes to bring the very best products to our customers. A few of our exceptional brush products include spiral brushes, radial end brushes, cup brushes, and artist brushes, and we offer a multitude of customization options and welcome special requirements. Our state-of-the-art machines allow us to produce a huge variety of products and, therefore, serve a diverse range of industries.

MARC, Inc: Quality and Cost Effective InSourcing

Dedicated to cost effective pricing and quality assurance, MARC is the leader in both the contract sewing and packaging industries. We are ready to take on any packaging or sewing job you can throw at us, and customers from around the country are taking advantage of our InSourcing program. This program seeks to provide businesses with the extra processing capabilities they need to meet their customers’ requirements. We can easily work with your production schedule to make sure your products are finished on time and within your budget.

Braun Brush Company: Specialty Brushes For Every Industry

Braun Brush Company has over 139 years of successful brush manufacturing and our company is proud to say we are one of the oldest family owned manufacturers in the United States. We understand the importance of specialty designed brushes which is why we work hard to create tools with our customers’ applications in mind. We are dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of high performance brushes for nearly every industry. Our satisfactory items are constructed from high quality fibers and can be specialized based upon a particular application.

Jonco Industries Provides Outstanding Industrial Services

Jonco Industries, Inc. has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1980 and we have made consistent improvements to our development processes. Our engineers are well versed in offering a full selection of in-house, value-added services. Our fairly priced services are convenient and Jonco Industries, Inc. will work on the time table of our customers. Let Jonco Industries, Inc. be your middle man for all of your shipping and receiving needs. Jonco Industries, Inc. offers a full spectrum of services including prototyping, 3D printing, packaging solutions, cutting, routing, digital printing, product assembly, contract sewing, warehousing and more. If a customer ever has a special request then the experts at Jonco Industries, Inc. can easily accommodate those requirements.

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