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Drum Washers: Keeping Things Green

Although drum washers have been around longer then the recycling fad that is prevalent in our culture today, this industrial sized cleaning product is now embraced as the sanitizing process that allows constant recycling for companies utilizing gallon drums. The gallon drum is used in a variety of contexts including petroleum, chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste, waste water treatment and agriculture industries. Containing the substances that they do, gallon drums must be thoroughly sanitized between uses are they are not able to be reused, which would be quite a financial waste. This is why drum washers are vital to the gallon drum utilizing industries.

Industrial Sewing for the Military

Look at what you are wearing, then at your cubical, after that look at the carpet. See any similarities? In fact, where ever you may be today look in 360 degrees and I can almost guarantee you see a product of industrial sewing. Industrial sewing can be as simple as a needle, thread and scissors, but more than likely a computerized sewing machine will be taking care of the job. However, if multiple stitches are required a series of machines may be in place with their own task to expedite the process, such as a seaming machine or hemming machine and so on. From start to finish the process is sometimes similar to an assembly line. One industry that requires industrial sewing of multiple materials and products is the military.

Sewing Contractors: Advanced Home Economics

Today, most high school curricula focus on the math, reading, history, science and writing skills of every student. Just a few generations ago, this was not the case. Sure several of the students still retained this focus, but nearly half, particularly the female half, learned more ‘practical’ skills such as cooking, sewing and home decoration. Though many schools still offer such courses, to both male and female students, they have largely been dropped from the core curriculum. While equality is most definitely progress, one thing that has not progressed is the sewing skills of much of the next generation of young people. The amount of sewing done in the home or by the local seamstress or tailor has declined along with the roster for home economics and etiquette courses. Virtually every store bought textile, from tote bags to skirts to tablecloths, is produced not by the grandmother hidden in the back room, but by sewing contractors.

Raise your Glasses to Stainless Steel

Today, as we all well know, judging from the steep spike in green attire and beer buzzes, is St. Patrick’s day. March 17th has been celebrated since the 1600s, at first a strict Catholic holiday honoring Saint Patrick himself. Originally, St. Patrick’s was a day of no drinking-all the bars and pubs in Ireland were closed. Since then, things certainly have changed. In fact, some bars open around the time I get up for work to service the most dedicated of St. Patty’s celebrators. Ireland is well known for its beer and the people who love to drink it. Celebrating their culture must include a tall mug of traditional Irish beer-a stout or porter. These dark, smooth and coffee-like beers have been brewed in Ireland for hundreds of years. In that time, brewing hasn’t changed much. Mostly, the same equipment is used for malting, milling, mashing, fermenting and filtering ingredients that, through these processes, become beer.

A Shortage of Rare Earth Magnets Could Mean Big Trouble for Alternative Energy Innovation

Some of the most precious and valuable elements on Earth are buried deep beneath the surface, just waiting to be found. While diamonds, gold and silver are the first that come to mind, lesser known, exotic elements like neodymium, a rare earth magnet, may be the most invaluable of all. It isn’t shiny or beautiful, but this silvery-grey magnet is expensive and highly sought after. Miners crawl deep into open pit mines, thousands of feet below the surface and appear with truckloads of the unimpressive looking chunks of metal. The raw element is shipped in large steel barrels to a manufacturing facility, where it is finely ground into powder and pressed into high temperature molds. Neodymium exhibits some extraordinary and unusual properties. When compounded with iron and boron, this magnet creates a magnetic field up to 25 times more powerful than those made from standard ferrites. It has exceptional resistance to demagnetization, and very small volumes provide the best performance of any magnet out there.

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