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For the 55 Gallon Drum that Holds it All

A number of processing plants that deal with a variety of liquids that need to be mixed, stored, heated or transported from one place to another, utilize 55 gallon drums. These impressive industrial containers are seriously heavy duty, partly because they are often made from stainless steel, which is is chemical resistant, able to handle extreme pressures without cracking and incredibly strong. Certain industries don’t use their 55 gallon drums for more than one type of liquid, although even in this circumstance they are required to thoroughly clean the vessels in between loads of liquid or substance. This is even more important for a company that deals with a variety of substances, some of which would alter others if the gallon drum they were being stored in still retained remnants of the liquid within it before. In short, a drum washer is one of the most important machines a company that utilizes drum containers can own.

Automotive Parts Washer: A Dirty Job

Automotive manufacturing is the quintessential dirty industry. I always picture mechanics with oil and grease on their hands wearing beat-up clothes and boots, and have also assumed that making car parts is just as messy as fixing them. Turns out I am right, which is why automotive parts washers are in such high demand. Automotive manufacturers do not only craft vehicles for public consumers, but also create vehicles for construction, agriculture, aerospace and manufacturing industries, so they have a lot of work to do. Part of the process involves ensuring that when a vehicle is complete, everything within it is shiny and new, which is aesthetically pleasing but also, more importantly, a sign that everything will work properly for a very long time.

The Stainless Steel Tanks and the Modern Microbrewery

Microbreweries are fast becoming a staple of the American city. The area in which I reside boasts close to twenty of these facilities, each one creating a different type of beer. Many of the buildings are now designed or reconstructed to show off the inner workings of the brewery. Walk by one of the newer establishments and chances are there will be large plates of glass where a wall would normally be, and inside you can see giant tanks complete with their own staircases.

Washing Cars All Summer Long

The summer weather is here, and that means a lot of things. We can now go for evening walks, go to the beach, eat outside, go biking and, for me at least, can wash our cars. Many people do this several times each year, possibly even every month or so. In the winter months this is by going to an actual car wash. I however, being slightly cheap, tend to just wait until it is warm enough outside for me to do it myself. If I’m lucky this means sometime in May, again in July and hopefully September. After that we have to wait until May comes around again.

Sanding and Painting Decks

Spring is finally here! Which means it is time to finish up the spring cleaning, and begin touching up the house and yard, things that those of us in Michigan are unable to do until the warmth begins to set in. For my family, this is the year the deck finally needs to be re-done. The railings need to be repainted and the flooring needs to be sanded down and refinished. This is definitely not my favorite task in the world, but it does make my dad more generous about letting me use up way to much gas driving around in the boat, so I will sacrifice a few days lending a hand.

Emergency Sewer Help with Plastic Tanks

Plastic tank manufacturers create a variety of tanks for thousands of uses around the world. There is a plastic tank for nearly every task, from sewage systems, to containers for food, to simple packages and containers for transporting products from one place to another. Without plastic, the world would be a much different place, and without plastic tanks, many of the processes that we use today would be impossible.

Cone Bottom Tank Applications

It is not until you become involved with the world of plastic tanks that you discover just how many tank types, sizes, and options are available. There are literally thousands of variations in each type of tank. Specific tank dimensions, sizes, and shapes are necessary for different industrial, agricultural, and commercial uses. Without knowledge of how the tank will be used, it is impossible to know what kind of tank to choose for your needs.

What is the Future for Sewing Contractors?

Sewing contractors have been sewing industrial sewing projects for hundreds of years. In the past, contractors worked on a small-order basis, but in today’s world of modern manufacturing it is possible to find a contractor that can handle large-scale orders or even work on multiple company’s orders at once. Large industrial sewing machines, robotic machines, and large staffs help make these large contracting projects a reality. Without the use of sewing contractors, many companies would have to hire their own in-house sewing teams and equipment, which would increase the cost of production by a significant amount.

The Basics of Contract Sewing Supplies

Contract sewing is a huge industry that is bigger than many people realize. Nearly any company that makes any kind of textile product, whether it is car seats or actual clothing, must use a sewing contractor to complete the task. While many large companies have their own in-house sewers and supplies, many smaller companies must outsource the sewing to specialized contract sewing companies.

6 Categories of Commercial Sewing

The world of commercial sewing is large and encompasses many different fields. Some sewing companies only sew one type of item, while others sew multiple types. Most people are aware of sewing factories in China, South America, and Thailand, but there are actually quite a few sewing companies right in the United States as well. Your local commercial sewing company may specialize in one of the following areas:

3 Reasons to Use Custom Sewing

The world of custom sewing is large and complex. There are thousands of custom sewers and sewing companies in the United States that will help you create customized pieces for everything from simple pillows and blankets to complicated wedding dresses or uniforms. Some people may feel that custom sewing is unnecessary for their products, but customized sewing actually provides many benefits to customers of all sizes. Taking advantage of these benefits will help foster customer relations and go a long way toward expanding your customer base.

4 Options for Custom Bags

The world of bags is large and covers a wide variety of products. A custom bag is a customized version of any bag, providing you with the right size, shape, color, or monogram that you want for your bag. One of the easiest ways to find custom bags is online through one of the many smaller online craft shops on the Internet. These smaller businesses work with small batches of projects, which can provide extreme customization to meet any needs. Many small bag companies work with sewing contractors who will easily customize any product.

The Best Uses for Canvas Bags

Perhaps there is nothing more useful than a canvas bag. Canvas bags are tough, flexible, durable, and above all, washable. These versatile bags have usefulness in every part of life, from taking towels and supplies to the beach, to carrying your gym clothes each day. In honor of these amazing bags, let us take a few minutes to explore the many uses for canvas bags.

Types of Industrial Sewing Contractors

Industrial sewing contractors are contractors that use an assembly line and a large number of sewers to complete sewing projects seam by seam. These contractors may work for several different companies at once, providing the sewing for each company. Industrial contractors are ideal for businesses that have a lot of business but are not ready to hire their own sewing staff.

Fabric Pouches for Breast Cancer Support

As any sewing contractor knows, the world of pouches is extremely large. There is a pouch for nearly everything, from carrying groceries, to wearing babies, to holding industrial goods during factory productions. With so many different uses for various kinds of pouches, it is no surprise that many sewing contractors and industrial sewing facilities specialized in the construction and development of new pouch designs.

Custom Embroidery—Machine Vs. Individual

So you’re watching MTV Cribs, or Trick My Truck, and you find yourself growing increasingly envious of the football player with the team logo sewn into the seats of his Escalade, or the billionaire with his name stitched into his seats. Naturally the question looms, what can be done using custom embroidery? And is a machine really better than an individual for these purposes?

How to Choose Quality Tarps

Not all tarps are created equal. Some tarp manufacturers create tarps for low cost, sacrificing quality along the way. However, when bad weather strikes, you want the highest quality tarp possible protecting you from wind, rain, and dew. You don’t want to be caught out in the rain on a week-long camping trip just because you purchased a low-quality tarp with inadequate protection. Use these helpful tips to help you avoid cheap tarps and choose a high quality tarp that will last for years and withstand any weather conditions.

Benefits of Heated Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

There are many different types of stainless steel storage tanks. Stainless steel is often the material of choice for long-term and temporary storage of liquids and solids. Stainless steel is resistant to many of the downsides of other storage methods, including cracking, melting, leeching, contamination, and corrosion. Stainless steel storage tanks are some of the most sanitary industrial containers for any application and are often used to transport medical and food-related products to keep them clean and sterile until use.

Customization Options for Stainless Steel Silos

Stainless steel silos are silos made completely from stainless steel. Stainless steel provides a variety of benefits over other silo materials for a variety of reasons. Stainless steel is more durable than plastic or aluminum, and it has a high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is also resistant to contamination, which makes it ideal for storing liquids and materials that will be used for human or animal consumption. The metal will not leech into the material inside the silo, which also helps maintain the integrity of the product inside.

Benefits of Round Stainless Steel Gas Tanks

When my brother and I were children we used to play a counting game when our dad drove us to school. Along the route to school there were several houses and farms that had round stainless steel gas tanks. The game was a competition of who could count the most tanks and since we were still young children the game would hold our interest day after day. I suppose we would think more tanks would magically appear and the results of our counting would change. Thinking back to the number of houses who utilized these gas tanks I’m not surprised to realize that a large number of homes had used these gas tanks. There are a variety of benefits for stainless steel gas tanks. When a family or business uses gas as a heating source they can still use the gas even when the electricity is knocked out from bad weather.

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