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Alternatives to Contract Packaging

The business of contract packaging has long been outsourced to companies that simply package products for final resale. This practice started because many factories do not want to house all of the manufacturing equipment and packaging equipment in one facility. It was easier to ship products to a separate packaging plant than package them at the manufacturing plant. However, with today’s economy and rising shipping costs, outsourcing packaging may no longer be the best option for some factories.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Could Eggshells Used To Make Bioplastics

Eggs are used in a variety of food dishes and baked goods. It is even a tradition to boil and decorate eggs on Easter. Who would have thought that the discarded eggshells, once thought to be a waste product by food producers, could be turned into bioplastics that could be used for food and Pharmaceutical packaging? Scientists in the United Kingdom from the University of Leicester have been recently experimenting with eggshells. The goal is to separate protein and calcium carbonate from the eggshells, then dry them into a powder-like flour which will be used as filler to bulk up exciting plastics while still maintaining barrier properties.

A Beauty Contest for Cosmetic Packaging?

I’ve never understood beauty pageants and contests. People cover themselves in cosmetics and parade around in front of a panel of judges hoping to win their vote. Perhaps it’s that human appreciation for aesthetics coupled with the love of playing dress up. I admit, I do enjoy come Halloween time when I can dress up as some character in popular culture. Well, believe it or not, but there is actually a beauty contest for cosmetic packaging.

Product Packaging: The Innovation of Chip Containers

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the store, I usually buy the products that I’ve been buying for years the same brand every time. I know I’m not alone here, humans are creatures of habit. This is why specialty packaging is so important. When you go to the store, let’s say you’re just going for chips and a soda. If it were me, I always get a bag of ruffles, and a mountain dew. This is where specialty packaging comes into play. Because even though humans are creatures of habit, we also tire of the same old thing day in and day out. Humans are fickle. So you go in, you are looking for your chips and your soda, but the regular products you pick out are just not going to cut it today. You see a chip product in a box instead of the traditional foil bags. Maybe the chips will be fresher; maybe the package will actually be full of chips instead of half full of air. Curiosity is what drives a person to try the new product that stands out because of its specialty packaging.

Choosing a Packaging Design Company: Finding the Diamond in the Rough

How do you choose a package design company? Do you go with the most popular? The most expensive? The cheapest? When you want your product to stand out, you have to have the right team of designers. You want your design company to not only create a brand image that is unique to yours, but to create a package that will invoke curiosity that will make people want to try your product if they never have before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, packaging of a product is the first impression your consumers get. So you want a company that will be able to deliver the kind of packaging you are looking for.

Food Packaging: Dried Meat Provides Tasty Treat

Occasionally I get a hankering for some beef jerky. The dried, salty and brittle meat subsides my hunger and pleases my taste buds. Who doesn’t enjoy gnawing on a piece of leathery meat testing the strength of their teeth? When I buy jerky at a gas station it always comes in a rough plastic bag. I’ll normally get Jack Link’s but I’m sure Macho Man Randy Savage would rather have me step into a Slim Jim. Most bags have zip locks to reseal the package after it’s been opened. However, I’ve never noticed because I usually scarf everything down in one sitting.

Will Clamshell Packaging Last?

When I was younger, every Christmas I would get at least one toy in that dreaded clamshell packaging. The impenetrable plastic fortress taunting me as it stands between me and the action figure I’ve been waiting for weeks to play with. In a child’s grasp of time, that’s like two years. I’ve had these packages that could withstand stabs from scissors before, prolonging the precious moments I would have with the object of my desire. The only thing worse, is once you get through the armor, the toy inside is tied up with twisty ties. Sure I could just cut them off, but at this point I’ve already receded into beast mode, frantically tearing at the package until I lose the lasts strains of humanity in me.

Painless Packaging?

Blister packaging to the average consumer may come with excessive ripping, tearing and in some cases cursing while trying to get them open. Blister packs however are a manufacturers dream. They provide security from people who are trying to treat themselves to a “five finger discount” while maintaining excellent product visibility. Let me back up. A blister pack is a plastic formed package that can be used for almost anything. Blister packs basically start as a piece of plastic that gets heat formed around the product. During this process the plastic stays transparent letting customers easily see what’s inside. When you get your medicine at the pharmacy, it probably comes in a blister pack; when you see batteries in the store those are more than likely contained in a blister pack. They literally can be found anywhere.

Steel Drums and Hazardous Waste Disposal

There an array of industrial processes today that produce a lot of hazardous waste. From nuclear power plants to leftover drug chemicals created from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, proper hazardous waste disposal is essential to avoiding potential catastrophes. A number of chemicals can even be found in the average American household, such as battery acid, that can lead to disaster if not properly handled. Luckily, there is a system in place to deal with harmful waste.

55 Gallons of Rain

It may be superfluous to say, but plants need water to survive. Relaying purely on rainfall to water your garden won’t cut it. Some people have an irrigation system that does the work for them while others remember to routinely water their plants. My roommates and I have recently been discussing growing a garden to provide us with fresh vegetables. There is only one problem…we have no yard.

A Drum Within a Drum

To store and transport bulk goods, most often liquids, 55 gallon drums are to go to. Although very sturdy, these drums are subject to damage or leakage if overloaded, improperly stacked, or handled incorrectly. When that happens, salvage drums are used to contain the damaged industrial drum. They are designed to engulf entire leaking plastic or steel drums. They are actually an official requirement for salvaging leaks and spills. I wonder if they have recover drums in cause the salvage drums leak.

Draining Sealed Steel Barrels

There is an infinite amount of industrial uses for 55 gallon drums, most of them relating to the storage or transportation of goods. There are a number of different drum options 55 gallon drum manufacturers provide depending on what materials will be placed inside the containers. Examples of industries that utilize 55 gallon drums include chemical, petroleum and food. These barrels are often sealed with a small opening on top. Since these barrels can get relatively heavy and bulky, a barrel pump is used to empty the containers.

55 Gallons of Energy

Green energy seems to be the new fad. As politicians, the public and activists talk about peak oil; we need to start thinking about where our energy will come from next. Over the course of the last 20 years, many outlandish designs have been designed and created. However, many of these designs have not been implemented in to the mainstream. However, what if it were possible to make your own energy generator for your home? Although it will be supplementary to your current energy source it could save costs, as solar does in some households today!

Metal Drum Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial drums commonly called 55 gallon drums can and do come in a number of sizes, but most often are in the 55 gallon form (44 imperial gallons). Additionally, these drums are made of steel, plastic or paper/fiber. Each version has its own benefits for different materials and substances. Now a range of industries outside of storage and shipping are using 55 gallon drums for a number of other tasks. Can you think of any?

Disposing of Your Industrial Drums

A majority of my blogs are about sustainability and the reuse of 55 gallon drums. This practice is also encouraged by state and federal agencies in order to conserve on natural resources. However, depending on the condition of the barrel it may not be suitable because of contamination or being structurally inadequate. If this is the case there are a few options to disposing of the drum.

Advantages of Fiber Drums

Fiber drums first appeared on the market in the first half of the 20th century. The drums were an innovative packaging solution to provide for a lighter container. Today, the packaging/container market is filled with fiber drum manufacturers. Occasionally referred to as cardboard drums, fiber drums are commonly made from fiberboard. They have a fully removable lid that is made out of either fiber, plastic or steel. This lid allows full access to the drum and whatever is contained inside.

55 Gallon Drum Sustainability

Companies use large vessels to transport, hold, and distribute goods locally or around the world. Many of these companies are prone to use large 55 gallon drums. The benefit of using such a large cask is to effectively store or mobilize a product to enhance efficiency. 55 gallon drum suppliers are not limited to any one industry when selling their drums. 55 gallon drum suppliers distribute to a magnitude of commercial companies, ranging from the food/restaurant industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, as well as private personal use.

Bagging Machines: Any Size and Multiple Materials

Nearly every product purchased is packaged in some way. Therefore, factories and warehouses must have a line for packaging machinery before their products are shipped and purchased from the factory or distributor. A common type of packaging machinery is a bagging machine. Bagging Machines are practical not only for the manufacturer because of speed and cost efficiency, but also, the consumer. The bags protect the objects inside, hold freshness if the product is perishable and can easily organize parts if assembly is required. Furthermore, because of all of these great and practical attributes almost every industry uses a bagging machine for one product or another.

Contract Manufacturing: The Importance of Communicating Expectations

There are many benefits that companies can rely on when it comes to using contract manufacturing. Some of these include responsiveness, quality, federal compliance, and international connections. Not only do companies save time and money by taking this route, but contract manufacturers very rarely compete in the same market with their clients, so they are also able to provide confidentiality and safety as well as innovation. Knowing exactly what a contract manufacturer offers is key, and most do offer a wide range of services and can be relied on as a turn-key supplier to develop, fabricate, package, label and deliver the finished product to the company that has hired them. Contract manufacturers can create strategic solutions and partnerships with vendors that can give their clients huge advantages in the market place.

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