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Del-Tron Precision, Inc. – Experts in Linear Motion

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. has been manufacturing linear motion devices since 1974 and over the years we have created durable components for modern industrial equipment. Our company is a global supplier of devices for a wide range of applications including: semiconductor processing equipment, assembly systems, scientific instruments, computer peripherals, medical diagnostic equipment and more. Del-Tron Precision, Inc. utilizes a low friction design in our linear ball slides and crossed roller slides which results in a reduced coefficient of friction of .003. Our items are engineered with a lightweight aluminum carriage which allows the bearing to handle a high load capacity.

Elbe & Sohn Inc. – Putting an Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction and Innovated Drive Shafts

Elbe & Sohn Inc. is a manufacturer of high performance drive shafts, drive flanges, spiders and spindles. Our quality-assured flexible shaft coupling technology is not only very reliable, but also long-lasting. We are a committed innovator who has manufacturing ties as far back as 1919. Over the years we have built a reputation of successful manufacturing across the globe. Our engineers are well-versed in creating our refined solutions that require low maintenance. Elbe & Sohn Inc. is dedicated to only manufacturing high quality products and we are ISO TS 16949:2002 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.

IAI America: A World-Class Company

With their parent company originally established in 1976 in Japan; IAI America got their start in their American Headquarters in 1989. Since that American establishment they have opened another headquarters in Torrance, California that first opened their doors in December of the year 2000. Using their many locations across the world including offices in Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Korea as well as many others, they are able to service customers wherever they may need assistance. IAI America has made it their mission to ensure that they are providing the highest quality and most innovative linear actuator parts and products to their customers around the world.

Tolomatic, Inc. – Excellence In Motion

This manufacturer creates low costing actuators that are easy to use and come with the support of highly trained engineers. Tolomatic, Inc. understands the importance of manufacturing custom solutions which is why this industry leader will work with customers to create unique actuators, caliper brakes, gearboxs or any other type of motion control device. This company is proud to say that over 35% of their business comes from non-cataloged products. These state-of-the-art products are integrated with various attributes that allow for superior functionality and smooth operation. Tolomatic, Inc. works hard to find the best possible solutions for their valued customers.

Fusion Systems Group: Innovative Automation Equipment

Fusion Systems Group is a supplier of high performance automation solutions with over 80 years of manufacturing experiences. Our accurate systems come in various configurations which are ideal for applications such as assembly, welding, brazing, soldering, inspection, material handling, robotic dispensing and more. Our engineers at Fusion Systems Group are highly trained and capable of assisting customers with determining the best solutions for their applications while staying within their budget. Our teams will thoroughly inspect your project and only recommend solutions which are needed, not what is most expensive. Fusion Systems Group will work with customers every step of the way from the initial contact long through after-sale support.

Electric Motor Solutions

With fractional horsepower motors such as OD Permanent magnet DC motors, custom built motors and AC capacitor start motors, it is no wonder why people have been choosing Electric Motor Solutions for all of their motor needs. Whether you are an OEM or a personal business owner we have a product for you! Electric Motor Solutions provides solutions that offer time and money saving efficiency through durable and reliable electric motor products. You will be astounded by the quality of care that our technicians will provide you with while coming up with a custom solution for you!

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Offers Highly Efficient Electric Motors

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of products including: linear actuators, lead screws & nuts, linear rails, guides & splines, drives, rotary motors, sealed switches, brushless motor solutions and more. Our well-versed company has over 50 years of successful manufacturing experiences. Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is on the forefront of discovering the latest innovations in our industry and over the years we have acquired a number of patented anti-backlash designs. Our company only manufactures products that adhere to the highest standards which is why Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is proud to say we are ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Rev C certified.

IQS Featured Profile: Commercial Gear and Sprocket

Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company is proud to be a third generation, family owned, financially solid non-union shop, located twenty miles southeast of Boston in East Walpole, Massachusetts, our company serves a variety of industries across the United States with high quality gears and gear-related products. Our company especially takes pride in the attention paid to quality and our commitment to offering superior customer service above all else. Commercial Gear and Sprocket Company has been a leader in the industry for generations, and we have built and maintained our solid reputation by providing the highest quality work and goods, that are delivered on time every time.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Western Roller Corporation

Production difficulties can arise in any industry. Yet, it is only in these instances that hard work and dedication can evolve into innovations that can change and improve the entire industry. This was exactly the case when Western Roller Corporation found a way to turn the urethane roller industry into something those in the industry at the time had not even dreamed of. Founder, Richard Collver, was able to create a replaceable tire, made of polyurethane that was able to solve the bonding problems the industry had been struggling with. This dedication to innovation remains strong in the company today, matched only by our dedication to quality.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Velmex, Inc.

Modern industry, like much of the modern world in general, has come to expect fast results, customizability, quick and easy access to information and the best product for the best price. In the world of rotary and linear positioning stages, Velmex Incorporated offers clients all of this and more with maximum load capacities of 400lbs, maximum speeds of 30inches per second and a maximum resolution of one micron. Velmex combines elegantly functional products with exceptional customer service to provide manual and motor driven linear slide, rail and guide systems for industry and science alike. A highly informative website ensures that every customer understands their equipment while modular designs and custom fabrication ensure that Velmex complete systems and components satisfy the precise requirements of every application. With skilled staff and informed customers, Velmex continues to lead the way in linear and rotary slides and guides.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Broadway Gear, Inc.

The US distributor and wholesaler of Changkong Gears, Broadway Gear, Inc. proudly continues the tradition of high quality products and services built on the company’s more than forty year history as a top gear manufacturer in China and around the world. Drawing on a skilled staff of engineers, the company focuses on the design and manufacture of fine module gears, gearboxes, gear decelerators and pumps to serve a broad array of industry. Broadway Gear was founded to meet the growing demand for quality industrial gears in North America as the company’s customer base rapidly expanded to include China, South Asia, North and South America. Consistent yearly increases in sales over the past ten years highlight the growing prosperity of Broadway Gear and its proven propensity for quality products and competitive pricing.

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