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Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions: A Global Supplier of Hydraulic Motors

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products manufactures an extensive line of brushless DC motors, pumps, brushless & regenerative blowers, and various other control-based solutions. We are a branch of Ametek, a worldwide manufacturer with over 120 locations in over 30 countries. WE were founded in 1930 and have made numerous technological breakthroughs over the years. Our intricate devices can withstand demanding projects and we are proud to be a customer driven manufacturer of uncompromising solutions. Our company puts an emphasis on flexibility, dependability, customer service, application knowledge, and engineered solutions which results in the highest level of quality possible.

Falcon Metals & Forgings Provides Hard-To-Find Grades

Falcon Stainless & Alloys Corporation was established in 1959, and has been serving a number of industries worldwide with specialty metals and forgings for over fifty years. And when it comes to those specialty metals, Falcon has it all: nickel alloys, alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum, tungsten alloys, and titanium. Each of these are available in sheet, coil, foil, wire, strip, bar, pipe, plate, tubing, and structural metals. Specializing in “hard to find” grades and sizes of metals, Falcon’s forge division is able to offer sizes that are larger than those commonly available from mill production.

National Bronze & Metals, Inc. Suppyling Industry Leaders With Outstanding Alloys

National Bronze & Metals has an extensive background working with various industries including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, marine, welding and more. The engineers at National Bronze & Metals utilize cutting edge technology to manufacture the most precise metal shapes. These value-added products are designed meet the exact demands of a particular application. If a customer has a special request then this company can easily provide a solution. National Bronze & Metals are recognized for creating high quality tubes, rounds, hollows, rectangles, squares, hexagons, wires and more. This company puts a focus on the quality of their alloys and all products are thoroughly tested for yield strength, U.T. testing, eddy current conductivity, elongation, hardness and tensile.

New Metals Inc. Supplies North America With Quality Expanded Metals

New Metals Inc. has a mission to provide only the very best expanded metals & perforated metal fabrication services. Our company excels at creating highly versatile and durable expanded metal. Our solutions are ideal for enclosures, manufacturing, construction, support, decoration and more. We offer unprecedented advantages, which are integrated into our product design. Our company utilizes a number of warehouse service centers across North America. These centers are stocked with a wide range of products which reduces lead times on most orders. New Metals Inc. is actively working to manufacture high performance and long lasting metal solutions.

Northern States Metals Has A Lot To Offer

Northern States Metals is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to full service aluminum extrusion, extruded products, and metal fabrication. Our company exports to countries around the globe and serves the entire United States from our locations in Youngstown, Ohio and West Hartford, Connecticut. Some industries served by Northern States Metals include electronics, automotive, lighting, information technology, construction, sporting equipment, furniture and information technology. With more than forty years of experience, an expert staff, and complete high quality fabrication and finishing facilities, Northern States Metals is ready to take on even the most challenging projects.

The Commitment and Capabilities of SMC Powder Metallurgy

SMC Powder Metallurgy was established in 1939 and has been manufacturing high performance powder metal parts to our valued customers for more than seventy years. The powdered metal components produced by SMC are used in a wide range of industries and applications, some of which include Bio/Medical Equipment, Electronics, Aerospace, Hand Tools, Lawn and Garden, Business Machines, Auto and Auto Related Transportation, Industrial Motors and Hobby Controls, and Recreation and Leisure Products. If customized parts for any of these applications are required, our company will gladly take on specialized projects, offering consistent workmanship and service each and every time.

Mascoat: Protection That Lasts

As a world leader of insulation products, Mascoat understands the importance of high quality coatings. Many coating suppliers take a “one-size-fits-all” approach but the engineers at Mascoat are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for a distinct application. Each product manufactured by Mascoat is designed to meet a particular market need which means customers are receiving the most beneficial solutions possible. This company is continuously researching the newest processes and products while offering superior customer service. Mascoat is a problem-solving solutions provider who supplies the best coating products for thermal protection, condensation protection and sound control.

Carolina Tape & Supply: More Than Just a Distributor

Carolina Tape & Supply has been custom converting and distributing a variety of pressure sensitive tapes for over four decades. Our company also distributes products for the packaging industry as all as furniture manufacturing supplies. Carolina Tape & Supply has a selection from over 25 tape manufacturers with more than 300 varieties of tapes. Our company serves over 5000 customers that work in a wide variety of industries throughout the United States and across the globe. With a strong commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, Carolina Tape & Supply is always ready to take on new customers and projects. No order is too large or too small for them to handle.

Fort Wayne Anodizing Strives to Satisfy Every Customer

Fort Wayne Anodizing have a mission to not simply manufacture products but to create solutions that will last for many years to come. This company is an industrial leader of aluminum anodizing as well as a variety of other top of the line services. All of their processes adhere comply with ISO 9001:2008 which means the quality of their products is guaranteed. For over 50 years Fort Wayne Anodizing has taken a simple approach: “Satisfy Every Customer.” This successful company utilizes cutting edge technology which results in highly precise and reliable solutions. Fort Wayne Anodizing continues to expand their range of services to meet the growing demands of each customer. Each situation is unique and Fort Wayne Anodizing is a premier service provider with affordable options. Fort Wayne Anodizing takes extra steps to research and develop a strategic plan to provide their customers with the best innovations.

Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. Provides Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. has a long history of manufacturing which dates back to 1935. Since that time Daubert Chemical Company has been on the forefront of developing high quality corrosion preventatives and thermoforming adhesives. Over the decades many customers have learned to trust Daubert Chemical Company to meet all of their needs. Our company has made numerous advancements to improve cost effectiveness and reliability of our products. We are continuously manufacturing new products for a wide range of applications including: metalworking, undercoatings, aerosol coating concentrates, nonskid surfaces, steel floors and many more.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: New Dimension Industries, LLC

New Dimension Industries got our start over twenty five years ago offering fabricated reticulated foam filters to a variety of industries in the filtration market. Our company now offers a number of foam products such as reticulated ester and ether urethanes, felted products, foam buns, and filtration foams. Specialty foams produced by us include medical foams, military safety foams, athletic foam as well as building materials and packaging foam. Our company has also expanded our reach to offer products like explosion suppressing fuel tank baffles, bioreactor media platforms and endoscopy tube cleaners. We also specialize in flexible plastics, fabricating conventional polyester and ployether, XLPE, and specialty materials like Magnifoam and Poron.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Mainstay Manufacturing

To constantly strive to deliver more than the customer expects is just one of the core values of Fab 2 Order. The metal fabrication company remains devoted to putting the customer first in all levels of the business. In addition, Fab 2 Order is prepared to do all possible to ensure that the lowest cost solutions are available. They are able to accomplish this by constantly making small improvements and finding innovative efficiencies, increasing value and building partnerships. With quality, efficiency and a strong will to please the customers, Fab 2 Order has been able to become an industry leader in not only metal fabrication, but sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting as well.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.

Hard work and dedication are what set the foundation for Johnson Brothers Metal Forming Company and their place in the roll forming industry. Although they started as a garage company with a single machine by a pair of brothers, Edwin and Harold, they have grown to a company with over twenty roll forming machines and a staff of over forty employees that has been able to deliver products to every state in the continental United States as well as Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe. When it comes to roll forming not only are they the leading experts, but they are a company willing to go the distance from concept to completion, to make sure every one of their customers needs are perfectly satisfied.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Commercial Metal Exchange

“We are Experts at Metals”. Commercial Metal Exchange is determined to help companies avoid the frustration of inexperience with copper and related metal orders. Each sales employee has over twenty-five years of experience in the metal industry, which provides them with the extensive knowledge necessary in dealing with all metals, including alloys, forms, tempers and other specifications. Devotion to locating affordable materials and products, as well as providing an unbelievably fast delivery system are high priorities at Commercial Metal Exchange. Commitment like this to every aspect of the business is why they are considered experts in the metal industry.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Dexmet Corporation

The current economic climate is bogging down most industrial progress, which is why companies that take innovation seriously, like Dexmet Corporation, continue to do well despite the lag in manufacturing. Dexmet has been in the expanded metals industry since 1948 and has always embraced growth and exploration within their field of precision expanded materials.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: KALIBURN Inc. – KALIBURN® and Burny®

A division of the globally reaching ITT Corporation, KALIBURN Inc. provides industrial control and automation solutions to the motion and flow control market sector. Comprised of complementary product lines BURNY® and KALIBURN®, KALIBURN Inc. has more than 50 years of experience in the field of precision CNC machining, plasma shape cutting and motion control with products such as servo motors, linear actuators, motion controllers and load cells. Originally founded in 1958 as Cleveland Machine Controls Inc., the company acquired the BURNY® metal cutting brand and continued to grow in the metal cutting industry until being purchased by ITT in 2007. KALIBURN®, founded in 1985, was purchased by ITT in 2008. Today, the cohesive group continues to push the boundaries of shape cutting technology by providing its customers with exceptional cut quality and precise motion control.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: California Metal & Supply Inc.

A company like California Metal & Supply Inc. is as hard to find as are the metals the company distributes. Located in Los Angeles a short drive from the international airport, California Metal & Supply is one of the leading metal distributors in North America with a customer base mostly in the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and defense industries, as well a growing international customer base. While the task of sourcing and supplying precious metals such as Titanium, Inconel, Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless, 13-8, 15-5, 17-4, 17-7, Kovar, and Invar is a primary focus, California Metal & Supply also believes in responsible business management. With the help of its valued customers, the company supports a number of local and national charities, essentially giving back to the communities that have helped its success since 1984.

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