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Will You Miss the Inventory Rebuild? A Glimmer of Hope in Failing Production

As the Wall Street Journal’s figures showed, consumers haven’t stopped buying entirely – in fact, their consumption has dropped far less than production has dropped. When businesses finally empty their inventories, they will face continuing demand – demand which they must meet. Consumers will force businesses to rebuild their inventories, causing the gears of industry and manufacturing to begin turning once more. Granted, Wall Street stocks and the job markets are still plummeting at alarming rates, and no one is quite sure when (or ‘if’, as many gloomy commentators have said) things will take a turn for the better. However, the inevitability of an inventory rebuild in the manufacturing community gives us in the world of B2B commerce some cause to hope. A recent issue of Alliance News & Info reported that while revenues, purchasing and jobs are still on a steep decline, there is evidence that the decline is beginning to level off. ‘The longer term economic outlook is beginning to show the first tiny signs of hope’, Alliance observed with caution.

Good Housekeeping Rules for Maximizing Business Potential

Industrial manufacturers face a very different market. Few manufacturers have the luxury of being the sole provider of a certain product, with the exception of a few niche manufacturing companies. Competition between manufacturers is brisk, and even if you have the latest technological advances in engineering and manufacturing equipment, there are probably at least a dozen other companies that have the same. Branding, marketing and online visibility will help you stand out among these competitors, but, as Rick Brown commented on Recession Advertising 101, many companies fail to have ‘essential response tools in place’ to deal with the business that comes in. And the last thing a manufacturing company wants in this economic climate is to have customers come knocking then turn away because they received little or no response…