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Safety Tips for Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts have uses in a variety of industries, from window washing, to firefighting. Before using any kind of hydraulic lift, it is important to ensure you follow all safety procedures to avoid injuring yourself or other people while you use the equipment. Always read the instruction manual for the equipment before use, and if certification is required, do not use the machine without proper training and certification. In addition to these steps, also follow these common-sense safety practices to ensure you remain safe through every activity.

Keeping Cool With Hydraulic Lifts

We recently moved into a new apartment that has proven to be quite an upgrade from what we were used to. Besides the increased space and cathedral ceilings, not to mention the open floor plan and large kitchen, it also offers a few extra amenities that caught our eye while we were on the first tour of the property. The apartment complex offers an onsite gym, a car wash station, and, my personal favorite, a large swimming pool and hot tub. I have never lived at a place with a swimming pool before, so the idea of having a relief from the sweltering heat was enticing.

Sick Of Roof Construction

I recently had to spend a couple of days at home after being diagnosed with a bad case of strep throat. I camped out on the couch with a pillow and blanket, watched a few hundred hours of cable TV shows and pigged out on yogurt and ice cream, these being the only things my tender throat would allow me to eat.

A Lesson In Car Safety

I was recently driving home from the grocery store when I saw a terrifying site. A man was in his driveway, doing repairs on his car. Now that might not sound so scary, but it was the way he was attempting to do the repairs that caught me off guard. He was lying under his vehicle while his car was propped up on what looked to be a very unsteady set of jacks. I’m all for saving money and time, but if that means putting yourself in danger then I think there needs to be a serious reconsideration to one’s priorities. What this man doesn’t know could eventually end up killing him if he isn’t careful.

Appreciating Turntables and Tilters

When I think of turntables a dance club comes to mind. While club-goers are meeting one another, dancing with one another, ordering drinks from the bar and moving around a lot, there is one person responsible for keep the beat moving in the building, the DJ, or disc jockey. He (or she) stands behind the speakers and computer sitting on the table. He mixes the beat and shuffles the songs using only his hands and a turntable. This is why it’s so loud and you can never really get to know anyone at a club, but it sure is fun to go!
Turntables also serve a purpose in industry. While industrial turntables are significantly bigger, they still serve the purpose of rotating something. In the industrial world turn tables are assisting in the movement of material goods, not a music disc.

High Travel Lifts Give Access to High Places

I once lived in a rental house that had very impractical cabinets. The cabinets had three shelves, two of which were out of my reach. I swear that the tallest shelf was about 9 feet above the ground (no joke). Who has the height and arm reach of 9 feet? No normal person has that kind of reach. There were 3 kitchen cabinets like this in the house. My roommate and I kept items we did not use very often on those shelves, a flower sifter, a muffin pan, the electric pancake griddle and the mixer, for example. Every so often we did need those items and it was difficult to get them, even with the assistance of a chair. Sometimes, life in that kitchen would have been a lot easier with access to a high travel material lift.

Construction is Easier with High Capacity Lifts

Think of all of the heavy items and objects that must be lifted in order to complete a project. Windows and other building materials for sky scrapers, pieces of the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower, pianos into upper level apartments, fire fighters go up on a lift in order to help put out a fire or rescue someone, the list can go on and on. These thoughts also provoke thoughts of how lifts would have been helpful in the past, before the industrial revolution. How helpful would it have been for the Incans to have a hydraulic lift when then built Machu Picchu or for the Mayans or Aztecs when they built Chichen Itza or Teotihuacan? What about the Egyptians and their Pyramids, I bet lifts would have been helpful there as well.

Dock Lifts: Making Maneuvering Easier

I used to work for a newspaper and when it would come time to publish and print the paper it was a whole process. Aside from digitally putting the newspaper together the printing press was a whole lot of work. The printing press would get fired up and the pages would zip by on the machine and would be pieced together. A printing press technician would go up in a lift to make sure everything was working okay. After it was all printed, the papers would be bound into groups of 20 by rope and set aside for delivery the next day. They would rest on a lift that would lift the materials into the truck for delivery. It was a relatively fast and easy process.

Hydraulic Lifts are Useful Across Many Industries

Everyone knows that brakes in a car are extremely important. I am incredibly thankful I have good, reliable brakes every single time I have to stop suddenly because my life and another person’s life may depend on it. I am also thankful for my brakes in the winter. You never know when you need to stop because someone else can not stop. Car brakes give me peace of mind. Car brakes use hydraulics in order to slow down and stop.

Scissor Lift: A Common, Sturdy Lift

In seventh grade my classmates and I competed against each other in a toothpick bridge building contest. The object was to build the strongest, sturdiest bridge using mathematical equations. There were certain criteria the bridge had to meet such as it had to have some sort of symmetry and it had to be built proportionally to what an actual bridge would be. My idea was to build a strong bridge with the toothpicks criss-crossing, one on top of the other. I did not win the competition, but I placed in the top 10.

Material Handling Lifts Make Workers’ Jobs Easier

I am not one for manual labor. I do not have a lot of upper body strength. I am certain I could do one pull-up if my life depended on it, but other than that, I am a weakling. I have never seriously considered working in a warehouse because I feel you need some sort of strength to deal with all the material handling that goes on. I now realize that there are machines to assist with the heavy material handing lifting, but I probably can not be trusted to operate said machinery.

Electric Lifts Good for Small Applications

In order to position, lower and raise work tables or platforms one must use a lift. The three typical types of lifts are electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. Electric lifts utilize electricity from a power source such as a battery or an electric motor. This electricity provides mechanical energy, such as the lifting and descending motion, to the lift’s components.

Vehicle Lifts Help Repair Cars

A 1990 Buick Century was my car in high school. It was 15 years old by the time I got the keys and it had been driven by my Grandpa and brother. Needless to say it was beat up and should not have been working. It was, however, a car for which I did not have to pay at my disposal, so I really can’t complain. And I didn’t have to pay for the repairs, as it found its way to the mechanic’s every other week or so. Every time my mechanic lifted the car up on the vehicle lift I hoped and prayed he would say it couldn’t be fixed so I could get a different car. In the end, it was sold to a junk yard for $40.

Aerial Lifts: Working Up High

Watching fire trucks start a parade off as a child was really exciting. The Fire Chief would be high up in the air holding the American flag in one hand and waving with the other. The fire truck lights would flash and an occasional horn would honk and I remember thinking about how cool, yet scary, it would be to be that high up in the sky. For a fire fighter to be that high up in the sky to fly the flag, rescue someone from a few stories up or help a cat out of a tree they need to use an aerial lift.

Hydraulic Lift Suppliers Contribute to Industry

Hydraulic lift suppliers are important contributing factors to many industries. These lifts are used across the globe and allow humans to access areas that are otherwise inaccessible due to height restrictions. They are useful in the construction, industrial manufacturing, automotive, emergency services, medical, veterinary, shipping, warehouse and distribution, material handing and many other industries.

IQS Featured Profile: Cylinders & Valves, Inc.

Cylinders and Valves, Inc. has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of quality hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves since 1958. With decades of industry knowledge and experience as well as a small, family-owned business mentality, it’s not difficult to understand how we are able to provide superior quality and service to customers throughout the U.S.,Canada, and in international markets. Available products include compact air cylinders, small bore cylinders, solenoid valves, spool valves, accessories and more.

The Plunger Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are used to create linear motion force for power transference. A hydraulic cylinder converts the energy from the hydraulic fluid into a force that can move the cylinder. There are actually several different designs for hydraulic cylinders. These designs include the telescope cylinder, the plunger or ram cylinder, the cable cylinder, and the diaphragm cylinder. While each type of cylinder has their own benefits and uses, today I want to focus on the hydraulic ram cylinder.

Small Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders

In college my friends and I would tend to go to the recreation facilities and work out a couple times a week. The recreation center also happened to be connected to the gymnasium where various events would take place on any given day. One weekend as we were approaching the gym, we noticed that there was a robotics competition and convention was going on so we stopped in to see if there were any cool robots that we could see. Walking around the place many people were working their robots to show them off and display what they could do. Some of them were pretty cool and were actually designed to lift or carry things around. After taking in a display of many I noticed that a lot of them used small aluminum hydraulic cylinders in their robotics to create movement and force. Rarely do I ever get to see the use of hydraulic cylinders up close because commonly they are found on heavy duty equipment or used in industrial manufacturing machines to help with production.

Hydraulic Lifts

Last week while driving, I noticed some abnormal activity coming from my car because something just did not feel right. When I got home that night I decided that I had better take it into the car shop to have a professional look at is as I have very little knowledge of the mechanical aspect of cars. At this particular shop they have windows that connect the shop and the actual service area so that you can watch the cars being fixed. They pulled my car into the garage and lined it up ready to go up on the lift. As the car started to rise I began to wonder how these car lifts were able to lift thousands of pounds up and down so steady and efficiently. I looked around and found that a hydraulic lift system was used to operate the machine creating the up and down lifting movements.

Hydraulic Ram Pumps

Many people have been to third world countries that have no electricity, running water and other every day items that we take for granted. The hydraulic ram pump can actually come into play in a situation like this. Hydraulic ram pumps essential and only job is to transfer water. Hydro-power can be used to power these pumps which make them ready to use in areas where other power sources are not available. Hydro-power is simply flowing water creating power by force and water pressure. Use and instillation of these pumps is made very easy and user friendly. The whole unit itself only consists of two moving parts which are the waste valve and the delivery valve. Amount of water and rate of fall have a major impact on the accomplishments and working productivity rate that the pump will have.