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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Atlantis Rail Systems

Stainless steel has long been recognized for its utility and strength, but the alloy offers much more than this. Though often overlooked in favor of its industrial grade integrity, Atlantis Rail Systems also recognizes the aesthetic qualities of the material. The company takes a unique approach creating inspired stainless steel railing systems that incorporate both aesthetic design and purposeful functionality. From standard frame and baluster railings to the inimitable look of carefully crafted cable railing to completely customized railing configurations, Atlantis Rail Systems is committed to supplying quality stainless steel products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of every singly customer.

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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Suncor Stainless, Inc.

Began as a part-time venture in 1985, continual years of growth find Suncor Stainless, Inc. not in its original location, the residence and garage of founder Roman Striebel, nor in the 3,000 square foot warehouse it moved to in 1992. Not even the 20,000 square foot space it acquired in 1994 was adequate for Suncor. No, just over 20 years after the company was begun by Roman and son Patrick, it has become one of the world’s most complete sources for stainless steel hardware of myriad kinds demanding a 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art building with an additional 14acres for future growth to accommodate an ever expanding product line. Such expansion can be attributed of course to the superior parts and components available at Suncor, but also to the dedicated and knowledgeable team that develop those very products and bring them to the customer.

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New Stainless Steel Adjustable Rod Guide

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has added a new adjustable rod guide to their product line. It is the 710SS, in many cases it is not desirable to weld steel to stainless so SPEP has created a new rod guide in stainless steel. Now a stainless steel NEMA enclosure can be produced without the trouble of welding a steel part to the stainless steel. This allows for easy production of enclosures as well as a completely corrosion resistant system. SPEP has received an ISO 9000 certification so high quality parts can always be guaranteed.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: All Metric Small Parts

For over 50 years Designatronics, Inc. has been a trusted manufacturer and distributor of small mechanical parts for the design and construction of enclosures and other structures. In 2007 a new division, All Metric Small Parts, was established to bring a half century of experience into the modern era of environmental concern, instant access and rapid response time. With over 5,400 metric components available online and over the phone, aMsp provides a one source solution for virtually every industrial hardware requirement meeting both international standards and RoHS regulations. In this way All Metric Small Parts brings engineering expertise to a new level demonstrating the company’s firm grasp on standardized metric parts and a solid handle on an evolving global market.

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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Superbolt, Inc.

In 1974, Rolf Steinbock, then President of Steinbock Machinery Corporation, noticed a problem with the bolts of scrap choppers he was working with. He had an idea for a simple solution which, when implemented, saved valuable time and material by reducing the wear and tear on the machinery. Steinbock continued to use this new bolting device, and years later when he further improved the design, the multi-jackbolt tensioner was created. The success of this product, later patented by Steinbock, led to the start of a company based on manufacturing quality bolts. Starting business in a small rented space with just three employees, Superbolt, Inc. was born. Built upon Steinbock’s simple premise of problem solving and continuous improvement, Superbolt has continued to advance from its humble beginnings. Today, it is one of the fastest growing providers of bolting solutions in the world, with the US-based plant shipping approximately 100,000 individual tensioners a year.

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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Broadway Gear, Inc.

The US distributor and wholesaler of Changkong Gears, Broadway Gear, Inc. proudly continues the tradition of high quality products and services built on the company’s more than forty year history as a top gear manufacturer in China and around the world. Drawing on a skilled staff of engineers, the company focuses on the design and manufacture of fine module gears, gearboxes, gear decelerators and pumps to serve a broad array of industry. Broadway Gear was founded to meet the growing demand for quality industrial gears in North America as the company’s customer base rapidly expanded to include China, South Asia, North and South America. Consistent yearly increases in sales over the past ten years highlight the growing prosperity of Broadway Gear and its proven propensity for quality products and competitive pricing.

Latches and Garden Patches

One of my favorite fall activities is apple picking with friends. I enjoy picking the fruit off the trees and placing it in my basket while trying hard not to sink my teeth into it right then and there. The end of summer harvest includes much more than apples, though; corn, squash, peppers, potatoes, asparagus, blueberries, pumpkins, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready to be enjoyed whether they were grown in hundred-acre fields or in your own backyard. Next time you are enjoying fresh produce, pause a moment and be thankful for the sunshine, the rain, the fruitful soil and latches. Yes, without the simple arrangement of fences, a gate and a gate latch the fruits and vegetables that we love would be readily available to intruders such as deer, rabbits and woodchucks, not to mention a sneaky neighbor.

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Introducing the Broaching Process

Broaching is one of those quick, painless and easy fabricating processes that work so well, no other methods have effectively replaced it since its invention. For those of you not well versed in the metal forming industry, broaching is a way of carving through metals to form holes that may be deep or shallow, complex or simple, internal or external-all within a few seconds. It was first developed hundreds of years ago to carve door keyholes and to cut keyways into different machinery parts. During the world wars, it was an integral part of the rifle making process, and today, broaching fabricates gears, pulleys and driveshafts as well as form internal and external threading on fasteners like nuts, bolts and screws.

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Technology Springs Forward

What do cell phones, mattresses, satellites, pens, seat belts and clocks all have in common? I’ll give you a hint-they all use simple yet ingenious devices that have been integral parts of products and machinery for hundreds of years. Any ideas yet? Okay one more clue-you’ve played with them many a time as a child, either jumping on them as they boing up and down, or watching them descend a staircase in a very slinky manor. They’re springs-those coils of metal cords that store mechanical energy and are easily able to return to their original shape after twisting, bending, stretching and squeezing.

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Threaded Fasteners: Holding Things Together for 500 Years

In the simplest of terms, fasteners are connective mechanisms used to hold 2 objects securely together. Sound familiar? It should, because I’m talking about screws, those simple little pieces of metal (or sometimes plastic) that keep our world in place. Your house’s construction is full of them, as is your stove, bed frame, car, computer desk, and on and on. They are similar to nails in design and function, but have one main defining characteristic-the threading. Those spiral-shaped raised ridges that wrap around the shaft of the screw at an angle keep them in place. Most screws are considered threaded fasteners and must be rotated in order to move in or out of a hole, while nails that have a smooth shaft may be easily pulled out of place.

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Lock Systems Remain Effective Through the Ages

Unfortunately, dishonesty, sealing and thievery are a large part of developed civilization and are impossible to eliminate. Unless each person in a community owns an equal amount of possessions and are all completely satisfied with what their belongings, robberies and theft remain a part of life no matter where you are. But to counteract these acts of selfishness and greed, human ingenuity and inventiveness developed a highly successful method of security-locks. Not only do they provide individuals with safety and protection against burglaries, locks provide a comforting daily ritual, creating peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are safe.

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The Amazing Variety of Gears

From plastic gears for the smallest wind-up toy to two ton cast iron gears, the capabilities of gear manufacturers amaze me. I mean, being able to machine and cut gears from only a half inch through up to twenty feet in diameter is a pretty incredible range. Plus, being able to provide this kind of gear production all under one roof, turning out completely in-house customized and even emergency jobs – some gear manufacturers can do it all!

4 Springs for Countless Applications

From micro springs used in such devices as pacemakers to gigantic ones functioning within a NASA shuttle, we are surrounded by springs our entire lives. Our very own HyTech Spring and Machine Corporation, a master designer and manufacturer of miniature springs, precision springs and custom springs, emphasizes: ‘There are few products built today that don’t rely on a spring.’ So let’s take a look at the four main types of springs.

Wire Rope May not be Pretty, but It Was Beautiful at the Oscars

With all the 2009 Academy Awards’ glitz, glamour and questionable Hugh Jackman musical medley numbers (forget Beyonce; I thought Anne Hathaway stole the show – and being remembered from the opening of the Oscars is no small feat), who would have thought to notice the stainless steel cable holding up the shimmering backdrop of the stage that night? But what else could have supported the 92,000 Swarovski crystals configured in a 100-foot wide by 60-foot tall display weighing three tons?

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Hose Reels: Much More than Lawn & Garden Accessories

Yes, hose reels are important for keeping your lawn organized and hazard-free, as well as for helping those flowers stay colorful and that grass remain green. Using garden hose reels, either wall-mounted, lawn-mounted or on a wheeled cart, makes sure no one trips, falls and scrapes their knees or runs over the hose with the mower; it avoids the inevitable tangles of hoses left on the ground, and it provides easy and smooth unwinding and rewinding for convenient delivery of water to where it is needed. Hose reel construction relies on the same concept as a sewer’s spool. Just as the sewing thread is wound around a small cylinder with rimmed ends that can fit in the palm of your hand, so the hose is spooled around a much larger cylinder. How much we are dependent on the simplest of inventions, even in this advanced era, always amazes me. Without these foundational ideas and mechanisms, we wouldn’t be able to, in the case of hose reels, fight fires in mere moments or convey vital drinking water or fuel with ease.

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