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IQS Featured Profile: Marlboro Manufacturing, Inc.

Founded in 1960 by James F. Cain, Marlboro Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial hinges with both domestic and international sales. Our company got its start producing hardware and hinges for the storm door industry and shifted its focus to serve original equipment manufacturers with industrial hinges in the mid 1970’s. Marlboro continues to manufacture high quality hinges including continuous, butt and slip joint hinges for a variety of industrial applications. With an extensive stock as well as capabilities to design and manufacture custom hinges to specific requirements, we are committed to meeting any and all of our customers’ unique needs.

Speed through Projects with Quality at Springfield Spring Corporation

For over 70 years, Springfield Spring Corporation, ISO Certified 9001:2008 company, has been bringing total spring manufacturing solutions with excellence, precision, and speed in mind. They know that time is money and they work to get you what you need with an emphasis on punctuality.Springfield is truly dedicated to their customer’s needs with their 24 – 48 hours “Request for Quote” response time. Their “Springfield Spring Experience” is a commitment to the creation of a strategic and long-term relationship with all of their customers. This is complemented by their diverse array of services and the values they project when it comes to customer care.

Knuth Hinge Company: Affordable Precision Hinges & Latches

The experts at Knuth Hinge Company have been manufacturing quality hinges and latches since 1960 and this industry leader is continuously developing the most reliable products possible. Knuth Hinge Company works with their customers to develop the most robust solutions that work perfectly for their exact applications. This supplier will quickly respond to all of your requests within 24 hours. You are guaranteed to receive personalized attention no matter the size of your order. This company keeps your needs in mind and aims for the shortest lead times possible. From prototyping to value-added services Knuth Hinge Company provides it all!

Omni Gear & Machine Corporation: Over 25 Years of High Quality Gears

Omni Gear & Machine Corporation has over 25 years of fantastic manufacturing experiences. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding quality workmanship. Our services are affordable and customers have learned over the years to trust Omni Gear & Machine Corporation to handle all of their requests. We provide a number of products including: spurs, clusters, worm gears, sprockets, helicals, internals, straight side splines, timing belt pulleys, HTD pulleys, metric gears, ground tooth gears and a wide variety of other components.

Elgin Fastener Group: The Largest Single-Source Provider of Speciality Fasteners In the Nation

This reliable supplier utilizes a large group of manufacturers to provide outstanding products and services to the growing needs of the market. The Elgin Fastener Group includes: Best Metal Finishing, Inc., Chandler Products, Landerth Fastener, Leland Powell Fasteners, Inc., Northern Wire, LLC, Ohio Rod Products, Quality Bolt & Screw, Silo Fasteners, Telefast Industries, Inc. and Vegas Fastener Manufacturing. This group of manufacturer works together to reach one common goal: to promote the growth of their customers’ business. Elgin Fastener Group is proud to say their components and parts are all made right here in the United States of America and these durable products are designed to last.

KD Fasteners, Inc. – Supplier of Quality Assured Fasteners

KD Fasteners, Inc. is an accomplished manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. We are capable of providing customers with over 100,000 different types of component parts. Our skilled engineers at KD Fasteners, Inc. are capable of providing custom solutions for those unique applications. We work hard to supply the most reliable products for a particular application while staying within our customers’ budget. From screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners, rivets and washers; KD Fasteners, Inc. supplies the highest quality products!

H & R Screw Machine Products- Excellence Since 1976

‘Excellence Since 1976,’ that is what you could sum up to be the key statement when it comes to H & R Screw Machine Products. We provide customers around the world with screw machine products that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. H & R is proud to be able to offer a wide variety of services such as screw machine products, CNC machining as well as additional machining operations to suit your needs. Possessing an ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures that we will have nothing but the latest in screw machine product technology.

Sierra Pacific Equipment and Products: Keeping Innovation Alive

Custom hinges, top-notch latches, exceptional customer service; all of these are reasons that customers around the world turn to Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP). Manufacturing products for OEM’s and distributors alike we have become a name synonymous with outstanding products and act as a beacon in our field industry for dedicated and well experienced employees. Offering products that are utilized in many different industries is one of SPEP’s many strengths, such industries are marine, electronic enclosures, transportation as well as many others. In the year 2001 Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products received our ISO 9001 certification; further demonstrating that our company will provide you with products that will maintain the quality that you can trust to last through many rigorous applications.

Universal Thread Grinding Company Offers High Performance Ball Screws

Universal Thread Grinding Company has an extensive experience of manufacturing high performance ball screws. We offer a variety of lead screw assemblies, cartridge assemblies, dual thrust assemblies and mounting brackets for a plethora of linear positioning applications. Universal Thread Grinding Company works hard to supply each customer with the proper equipment that is best suited for their particular application. Our products have a number of value-added benefits which sets our products apart from other conventional ball screw systems. These benefits include: anti-backlash nut design for bidirectional repeatability, minimum helical nonlinearity, self-aligning functions, no noise and much more.

Duro Manufacturing, Inc. Deals in Variety and Quality

Duro Manufacturing, Inc. has been serving marine, automotive, industrial, electrical, agricultural, and petroleum markets with high quality reels since the company was founded in 1968. Known as an industry leader for self-service air and water equipment, Duro Manufacturing is a hose reel manufacturer that provides economical hose reels for commercial as well as industrial use. Our company’s line of hose and cord reels includes motor driven, spring retracted, and manual rewind reels to serve a wide variety of applications such as grease, oils, water, diesel fuels, air, hydraulic oils, pesticides, oxygen and acetylene, chemicals, electrical requirements and static discharge. Duro Manufacturing, Inc. also offers a line of self-service air and water equipment for service stations and card locks.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Atlantis Rail Systems

Stainless steel has long been recognized for its utility and strength, but the alloy offers much more than this. Though often overlooked in favor of its industrial grade integrity, Atlantis Rail Systems also recognizes the aesthetic qualities of the material. The company takes a unique approach creating inspired stainless steel railing systems that incorporate both aesthetic design and purposeful functionality. From standard frame and baluster railings to the inimitable look of carefully crafted cable railing to completely customized railing configurations, Atlantis Rail Systems is committed to supplying quality stainless steel products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of every singly customer.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Suncor Stainless, Inc.

Began as a part-time venture in 1985, continual years of growth find Suncor Stainless, Inc. not in its original location, the residence and garage of founder Roman Striebel, nor in the 3,000 square foot warehouse it moved to in 1992. Not even the 20,000 square foot space it acquired in 1994 was adequate for Suncor. No, just over 20 years after the company was begun by Roman and son Patrick, it has become one of the world’s most complete sources for stainless steel hardware of myriad kinds demanding a 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art building with an additional 14acres for future growth to accommodate an ever expanding product line. Such expansion can be attributed of course to the superior parts and components available at Suncor, but also to the dedicated and knowledgeable team that develop those very products and bring them to the customer.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: All Metric Small Parts

For over 50 years Designatronics, Inc. has been a trusted manufacturer and distributor of small mechanical parts for the design and construction of enclosures and other structures. In 2007 a new division, All Metric Small Parts, was established to bring a half century of experience into the modern era of environmental concern, instant access and rapid response time. With over 5,400 metric components available online and over the phone, aMsp provides a one source solution for virtually every industrial hardware requirement meeting both international standards and RoHS regulations. In this way All Metric Small Parts brings engineering expertise to a new level demonstrating the company’s firm grasp on standardized metric parts and a solid handle on an evolving global market.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Superbolt, Inc.

In 1974, Rolf Steinbock, then President of Steinbock Machinery Corporation, noticed a problem with the bolts of scrap choppers he was working with. He had an idea for a simple solution which, when implemented, saved valuable time and material by reducing the wear and tear on the machinery. Steinbock continued to use this new bolting device, and years later when he further improved the design, the multi-jackbolt tensioner was created. The success of this product, later patented by Steinbock, led to the start of a company based on manufacturing quality bolts. Starting business in a small rented space with just three employees, Superbolt, Inc. was born. Built upon Steinbock’s simple premise of problem solving and continuous improvement, Superbolt has continued to advance from its humble beginnings. Today, it is one of the fastest growing providers of bolting solutions in the world, with the US-based plant shipping approximately 100,000 individual tensioners a year.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Broadway Gear, Inc.

The US distributor and wholesaler of Changkong Gears, Broadway Gear, Inc. proudly continues the tradition of high quality products and services built on the company’s more than forty year history as a top gear manufacturer in China and around the world. Drawing on a skilled staff of engineers, the company focuses on the design and manufacture of fine module gears, gearboxes, gear decelerators and pumps to serve a broad array of industry. Broadway Gear was founded to meet the growing demand for quality industrial gears in North America as the company’s customer base rapidly expanded to include China, South Asia, North and South America. Consistent yearly increases in sales over the past ten years highlight the growing prosperity of Broadway Gear and its proven propensity for quality products and competitive pricing.

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