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A Virtue of the Absorption Chiller

I think most of us know, from popular culture or science class, of Albert Einstein and his famous theory of relativity – the theory that says energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, or, more famously, E = mc2. What fewer people know, perhaps, is that for a long time Einstein worked as a patent clerk at the U.S. patent office. And perhaps what very few people may know is that one of Einstein’s many inventions is his own version of an absorption chiller.

You Can’t Beat Custom Chillers

Nothing is better than something custom made. It is something that is made just for you and no one else. It fits like a glove and is exactly how you want it. Custom made products can range from shoes to clothes to purses to cars to mixed tapes, even to industrial products such as lathes or chillers.

Extolling Chiller Manufacturers

As I have written before, chillers are a pretty important part of industry. They keep buildings cool and tolerable on hot, sweltering summer days and they keep our food cool so we do not get sick from consuming spoiled meat, diary products or mayonnaise. They keep x-ray machines and MRI machines from overheating and, in turn, that prevents the machines from breaking down and costly repair bills. Because of these chillers, the machines can run more often, making the hospital a more productive establishment. The people who make the chillers are an integral part of making the chillers as beneficial as they can possibly be.

How to Buy Used Chillers

Buying used instead of new can be good for a lot of reasons. Buying used instead of new is easier on the wallet and on the environment. Garage sales and resale shops are good for this very reason because I love saving money (and hate wasting it) and I love helping the environment because fewer resources are used when purchasing and utilizing a used object such as clothes, a computer, dishes, electronics and books, just to name a few. Often times, in industrial environments and applications, businesses opt for used equipment, such as a chiller, for example because it is less expensive than buying a new one.

Stationary Chillers: Centrally Located

A stationary chiller is a chiller that does not have a pump or tank directly attached to it. The basic composition of a stationary chiller is a single chiller unit that stands alone. A connection from pipes to pump and a separate water reservoir are required in order for the stationary chiller to properly function. A stationary chiller can be small or large, ranging from two tons to possibly more than 250 tons.

Chilling Systems Revolutionized Food

As temperatures cool the ambient air and everyone must bundle up before leaving their houses to go to work or Christmas shopping or to the grocery store everything around us seems barren. Grass and produce stop growing, leaves are raked and trees seem lifeless. I think about the food I eat and where it comes from and how can I make it last as long as possible. The refrigerator is a necessity in my everyday life. It’s how I preserve food and can buy fresh produce that was grown in the south and shipped to my grocery store. This question often pops in my mind: How did people survive without the refrigerator?

Chillers Matter

Chillers can be found in many aspects of your life, even if you do not realize it. Anything that you may like cooled or to maintain a specific temperature most likely uses a chiller to accomplish that. The big, old brick house I grew up in did not have air conditioning. Most summer nights were bearable with open windows and a fan. About three nights a year, however, it wasn’t bearable, it was awful. I tossed and turned, hoping and praying for an air conditioner. I now realize I was hoping and praying for a chiller.

Process Chillers: A Process for Daily Use

Growing up in a newspaper family I learned in the ins and outs of a printing press and the process involved. As a child I loved walking into the printing facility and letting the smell of ink and paper fill my nose. Process chillers are used extensively in the printing industry to regulate temperatures in the presses.

Air-Cooled Chillers for Everyday Use

Sitting in my required chemistry class in college nearly bored me to death. I vaguely remember my professor talking about refrigerants and their chemical forms and makeup and how some are really bad for the environment and can no longer be used, such as CFCs, and some are okay, such as ammonia, and continue to be used. Beyond that, all I cared about was passing the class and never wanted to think about it again. Little did I know, five years later I would be writing about refrigerants and chillers.

The Convenience of Portable Chillers

I enjoy the portability of many items such as a DVD player for long car rides, my mp3 player for the commute to work, my smart phone with information instantly at my fingertips and the garage door opener so I don’t have to get out of my car and manually open and close the garage door. These items are convenient and make daily life easier. The portability of items can bring tremendous change to industry and different applications. For example, portable chillers make life easier for those in the medical, food and beverage, plastics, power generation and many other industries.

Absorption Chillers: Absorbing the Impact of Energy Use

As the world’s population increases the consumption and need for energy rises as well. With technological advancements such as smart phones, laptops, mp3 players, e-readers and electric cars, energy consumption has risen dramatically. According to research done by the 2009 World Energy Outlook, the energy demand will increase by 93 percent by 2030. This projection is a looming warning that if we are not careful, it’s possible to have an energy shortage.

LEL International Providing Economical Systems Since 2007

LEL International is a trustworthy supplier of high powered air compressors, air dryers, boilers, generators, HVAC equipment, chillers, tanks and electrical systems. This manufacturer has experiences dating back to 2007 and this innovator is extremely successful at decommissioning large scale equipment. Whether you need to install water cooling towers or would like to remove an old HVAC system, the staff at LEL International is there to help. This company puts a priority on their customers’ needs and LEL International will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. This reliable company can even assist you with your projects from the ground up by providing complete facility installation assistance.

Pressure Switches and Automobiles

A couple of years ago the family car, which I dubbed Green Lantern, was finally retired after surviving many years with three teenagers. To replace the old Saturn I got a used Chevy Aveo which I christened “Alfalfa” because it has a long antenna sticking up in the middle of the roof. Alfalfa is great on gas mileage. I don’t have to feed him very often. The Aveo was as tough as the Saturn; it survived two slides off the road, a brief fire in the engine and massive amounts of bird poop with little more than a scratch.

SOR, Inc. Over Six Decades of Excellence

Recently, a leading integrated energy company requested a special product for wellhead pump control and shutdown. The company needed special customized features particularly, a 4-20mA signal to serve as the primary input for a pumping unit and a solid state switch output as an emergency failsafe device. The company also requested a flush diaphragm seal to reduce cleaning operations due to paraffin wax build-up in the pump lines. SOR installed a new custom ½” NPT (M) flush diaphragm seal system.

Mokon: Value That Lasts

Established in 1955 Mokon has been designing chillers that will outperform the rest while providing a long lasting value. Mokon began when there was a noticed need for a temperature regulator system that could offer a solid, safe and efficient means of maintaining close control. The products that they offer are utilized in industries around the world, just a few examples are laser and machine cooling, pharmaceutical processing, adhesives and resin as well as a broad variety of others. For nearly six decades they have been making a reputation for themselves as a leading manufacturer of exceptionally durable temperature control systems.

Features of a Capacitance Level Sensor

A capacitance level sensor is one of the two types of proximity level switches (the other is inductive). Capacitance sensors detect both metallic and non-metallic targets, which make them highly versatile for many different applications. Capacitance sensors also have a wide range of sensing, which provides many benefits to the user.

Types of Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges provide a variety of benefits in many different industries. Without pressure gauges, it would be impossible to determine the pressure in an object or container. Pressure readings are necessary to ensure the safety of containers, employees, and the materials inside the pressurized containers. Pressure gauges are used with everything from tire pressure to the pressure of containers of steam used for boilers and much more. Each kind of pressure gauge has its own method of measurement.

Pressure Transducers: Five Categories

Nearly every industrial product on the market today has a variety of subcategories that have developed because of variances in style, size or material. This is due to the numerous environments most products must be adapted to suit. Pressure transducers, which are utilized in pressure sensors that must measure the pressure of liquids or gas, are no exception. This particular industrial tool has five major categories, each of which has their own subcategories. The five versions of pressure sensors that pressure transducers are incorporated into are gauge pressure sensors, vacuum pressure sensors, sealed pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and absolute pressure sensors. Also, the word “sensor” can be used interchangeably with transmitters and transducers.

Quick Release Couplings Save More than Just Time

When it comes to emergency first response, speed is key. The importance of speed is reflected in the conditions in the traffic code that allows for exceptions to speed limits to emergency vehicles. It’s reflected in the first aid training given to high school students in phys ed classes. There’s no denying that speed is crucial to effective emergency first response. This makes quick release couplings, which are characterized by their ease of use and their ability to be attached and disconnected quickly, a perfect fit for many emergency first response applications.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters: Utilizing the Doppler Effect

With recent advances in technology, ultrasonic flow meters are becoming more and more affordable. Meters can be purchased online from manufacturers for around 1,000 to 6,000 dollars. Most manufacturers will even offer installation services upon purchase. The flow meter is very low maintenance and provides precise measurements. Similar to how bats stalk their prey and marine biologists or oceanographers graph the topography of the ocean floor, ultrasonic flow meter uses ultrasonic waves to determine flow. This is very useful when measuring fluids that would normally damage a flow meter due to extreme temperatures or corrosive properties. Since the ultrasonic flow meter measures flow from the outside of the tube, this factor is eliminated.