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The Trusted Leader in Power Supplies

Since 1948, TDK-Lambda Americas has been a leader in power supply solutions. We are a group company of TDK Corporation. TDK-Lambda is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial power supplies. We are also one of the oldest and most trusted companies in our field. Today, the TDK Corporation group of companies is an international presence with facilities all over the world. Our goal is to meet your needs, provide friendly after-sales support, and establish industry standards.

Pico Electronics Is the Only Source for Miniature and Ultra-Miniature Transformers and Converters

Pico Electronics manufactures Electric Transformers, Inductors, DC-DC Converters and AC-DC Power Supplies. Pico’s components can be found almost everywhere, especially in the Aerospace, Defense, Space, and Hi-Reliability Industrial industries. Pico was established over 50 years ago to improve upon the design

Cyclonaire’s After Production Service Includes Emergency Care for Pneumatic Conveyors

Cyclonaire understands that great services does not stop at production, but begins at the first question and continues on after installation. Cyclonaire Corporation offers the services of Assessments, Material Testing, Educational Seminars, Field Support, Full Project Management, Installation, Post-installation Training,

JN White: Always Looking to Innovate

JN White started in 1960 as a humble screen printing company; today we develop products for customers looking for items ranging from membrane switches to gaskets and lenses. To bring your unique vision to life, we rely on an in-house network of employees in departments like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechatronic engineering.

Conntek: Power Your Life Safely

Conntek Integrated Solutions Inc. has been a premier manufacturing company that has been in business for over 10 years. We are a one-stop-shop for all power cords, adapters and OEM applications for your project needs. We are a leader in the power connection technology with products that have been granted major certifications. Our company will offer the best products along with solutions that will bring efficiency and flexibility for your current business environment. Choosing us as a partner in your supply chain will ensure you outpace your competitors.

Electronetics, LLC Consistent Quality and Innovation Since 1983

Founded to meet the need for customized, application-specific solutions, Electronetics, LLC has been serving our customers since 1983. Through consistent quality and innovation, we have earned a reputation as the go-to specialists in custom magnetic component design for a broad range of industries, including aerospace, medical, defense, audio and telecommunications. Our custom electric transformers have a wide variety of line frequency for 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz applications.

Americor Electronics Ltd.: Custom Power Components for You

If your project needs a unique part, Americor Electronics, Ltd. specializes in designing and creating custom components so that your product works correctly. Our expertise and experience will help you bring a quality product to market. Our capabilities include design, development, sample production and first article approval with full documentation. Americor Electronics, Ltd. offers an extensive variety of domestic and international power cords and cord sets. All of our products are 100% tested, ISO 9001-2008 certified and RoHS compliant.

Thermo Heating Elements, LLC: Heating Elements for All

Started in 1978 in Ingolstadt, Germany, Thermo Heating Elements, LLC is a recognized world-wide leader in flexible heater technology. With facilities in the United States and Germany, Thermo Heating Elements, LLC’s access to technical resources, including the world’s leading technical universities, researchers, and product specialists, is unparalleled. We produce all forms of heating elements including silicone rubber heaters, polymer thick film heaters, tubular heaters, ultraflex, mica heaters, kapton heaters and ceramic heaters.

Ulanet Has over 80 Years in the Thermal Control Industry

Ulanet has over 80 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Our product range includes cartridges, hermetically sealed, miniature, capsule, industrial and appliance thermostats, thermal time delay relays, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip, bolt hole and cartridge heaters. An in-house panel of engineers awaits your thermal control challenge. Let us share our expertise with you. Ulanet is the trusted global leader in designing & manufacturing thermal controls.

American Made Heating Elements from Thermal Corporation

Thermal Corporation got its start in 1969 as a catalog-house and distributor of thermal supplies and has since expanded to the innovative manufacturing company it is today. Throughout the years, Thermal Corporation has been cultivating an extensive line of industrial heating products, which now includes thermocouples, insulation, heat exchangers, temperature measuring devices, coolers, custom heaters, and more. Ensuring superior quality has always been our main focus and we continue to focus on it by always looking to improve our processes.

V-Tech Helps You Find the Right Transformer Solution

The professionals at V-Tech Electronic Components have been providing custom transformers and inductor solutions for twenty years. Our headquarters is in Englewood, Colorado. V-Tech specializes in business-to-business sales; the company was founded to help Original Equipment Manufacturers and startup companies identify their manufacturing needs and provide solutions based on those requirements.

The Trusted Leader in Power Supplies

Since 1948, TDK-Lambda Americas has been a leader in power supply solutions. We are a group company of TDK Corporation. TDK-Lambda is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial power supplies. We are also one of the oldest and most trusted companies in our field. Today, the TDK Corporation group of companies is an international presence with facilities all over the world. Our goal is to meet your needs, provide friendly after-sales support, and establish industry standards.

MCI Transformer Provides Shorter Lead Times and Experienced Engineers

For over 50 years, MCI Transformer Corporation has been collaborating with our customers to design and manufacture high-quality power transformers. From our experience, we are able to efficiently deliver samples and products with exceptionally short lead time. Every transformer is inspected and tested to meet strict standards of quality control, ensuring our dedication to service and quality in each transformer we produce. For both large and small companies, MCI Transformer Corporation offers personal service and the expertise of highly trained, experienced engineers willing to work alongside customers to meet every transformer need.

California Boiler – Supplying Every Boiler Component

Over thirty years of experience has made California Boiler a leader in the industry. Service and quality has established our superior reputation over time. Supplying every component of the boiler system, we strive to provide reliable service to match our high-quality products. Our California headquarters and service centers, we offer 24-hour service and sales, maximizing customer accessibility.

Quick and Customized Flexible Magnetic Products

As the leading producer of flexible magnets in the United States, Magnum Magnetics provides updated services to fulfill the need for an array of magnetic product. Offering customizable magnetization services, our company will match the project with the most fitting service available. Using the latest printing techniques, we directly print onto the flexible magnetic sheeting to ensure the most timely and cost-effective results.

Reliable EMI Shielding from Compac Development Corporation.

Established in 1976, Compac Development Corporation is now a part of Air Industries Group. We specialize in fabricating reliable RFI/EMI shielded enclosure. We offer over versatile 500 standard sizes off the shelf. We can customize and modify our standard products to your specifications. Our EMI shield enclosures are available in a variety performances, including blank series, RFT Series, and SRF Series shielding as well as accessories manufactured to compliment the design of the EMI shield. With Compac, you are sure to find just what you need.

Equipto Electronics Corp – A Leader in Electronic Packaging Products

Since its foundation in 1960, Equipto Electronics Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of packaging products for the electronics industry. Our state of the art facility is located in Aurora, Illinois where we are able to design and manufacture a wide variety of standard equipment enclosures. We specialize in a modular design, and our highly experienced engineer’s works directly with customers to ensure all needs are being met. Many of our projects and equipment can be modified and designed for perfect electronic enclosures, saving you time and money over a custom packaging solution.

WATTCO Providing Turnkey Heating Solutions for Many Industries

When it comes to the fastest turnaround time for high quality electric heating products, look no further than Wattco. Sine 1969 Wattco has placed customer service as number one priority with uncompromising dedication to solutions, not just products. We understand the value of service and the needs of our customers, and we work hard to provide quotes within the hour, and to manufacture custom made designs in a day and deliver high quality products.

Alliance LLC: Nationally Recognized Supplier of Magnetic Materials

Alliance LLC is one of the leading suppliers in North America for permanent magnets used for products and devices in a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, defense and alternative energy. With our capability to provide quality products on-time to companies large and small, Entrepreneur Magazine named us one of America’s 100 fastest growing companies. We have six warehouses located throughout North America equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing the best service to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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