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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Industrial Graphite Sales

Industrial Graphite Sales has been a leader in the graphite industry for many years. Over the last fifty years, they have worked to build a reputation in the industry that is based on high quality products and a mutual respect between consumer and company. Industrial Graphite Sales supplies bulk and machined graphite that are used for a number of different applications in the graphite industry. They welcome all challenges, and will find a solution that will work for any project you may come in contact with.

Options for Controlling Graphite Dust

Depending on the amount of graphite being machined, dust can become a dilemma in some shops. Precautions should always be taken to avoid health problems caused by graphite dust. Wearing safety glasses and gloves is always recommended. It is also important to determine a method of dust removal while machining graphite, as dangers to the respiratory system are most serious. There are two main means of removing dust- either with a high air velocity system or the wet graphite machining process.

Molds and Other Potential Uses

When constructing and forming various metals, the process can be a difficult one. Depending on the exact metal being worked with, they must be heated to varying extreme heat levels in order to become malleable. When heating these materials up to such extreme temperatures, it is important to make sure that the container is made out of a durable and heat resistant material that can withstand it. Some common options include steel, bronze, cast iron or graphite. Graphite is an especially useful option for its strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, dry lubrication and self lubrication.

Crucibles and the Graphite Option

When I think of crucibles, my mind always reverts to old movies or period pieces. A time where blacksmiths and sword smiths would be working over flame, carefully sculpting and creating all sorts of products and parts. And this is not incorrect. Crucibles have been around from roughly the fifth and sixth millennium B.C. They were first used in Eastern Europe and Iran, but their advantages and benefits made them become useful throughout the world. Their forms have varied throughout time, as have the materials they are used for and the products that they have created.

Forms of Bearings

When people hear the term ‘bearing’ they typically think of it either in the navigational sense, or the mechanical sense. In marine navigation, a bearing is a term to describe the direction that one object is from another. For example, this could refer to the boat in comparison to the body of land it is headed to. Meanwhile in aircraft navigation it is the forward course direction. Then there is land navigation in which the bearing is the angle between a line that is used to connect two points. While the navigation bearing is a very important one, the mechanical bearing can be equally important.

Oh the Graphite Possibilities

Graphite is a very beneficial material due to its strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, dry lubrication and self lubrication. In order to machine it heavy duty processes are necessary to make it into the various products that are needed in the graphite industry. One of these methods is electrical discharge machining. This is a process used to cut, drill, etch and machine various metal parts. It works especially well with metals that would be difficult to process with traditional methods. The conductive properties and temperature resistance that this graphite possesses makes it ideal for this process. By producing the parts through graphite EDM processes, the metals can be formed without burrs, a common issue that arises with traditional cutting methods.

Finding the Best Method

Some materials are far more difficult to handle than others. And difficult metals and substances can be a headache at times to machine if the proper developed procedures are not taken advantage of. One industry where this is the case, is in the graphite machining business. For those that are familiar with the industry and the processes and methods involved, it becomes a piece of cake. But for those who are unfamiliar and have not dealt with the material before, it can be a little difficult. To maintain the best working environment possible, machined graphite companies typically do all they can to make operations run smoothly.

Graphine and an Advancing Industry

New discoveries are made everyday. Many would think that with all of the technology available, we would know everything about the planet by now, but this is just not possible. The planet is a vast and amazing place, and we are only beginning to learn its secrets. When it comes to graphite, a more recent discovery in regards to it goes back to only 1962. This was the discovery of graphene, small individual layers of graphite, named by Hanns-Peter Boehm. Then it was not until 2004 that physicists were finally able to isolate individual pieces of the material. They did so through the use of adhesive tape. Now, this new material is able to be used for electronic sensors and circuits, although it can be difficult, not to mention expensive to fabricate. Recently low cost methods have been discovered and improved, opening the market place.

Graphite and Carbon

Recycling is a big part of our world today. While not everyone is a participant yet, the numbers are constantly growing. Global warming is becoming a real, immediate concern, and as a result, numerous consumers and businesses are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. To avoid completely using up all of the earth’s natural resources and to cut back on pollution recycling is a key step. And when it comes to industrial recycling, graphite is a big part of it. Not only is graphite an easy material to recycle, but it is able to assist in the recycling of a variety of other tough materials such as steel.

Graphite and Lead Pencils

Growing up, it was always lead pencils; actually it still is called that today. Then there are all the articles of lead poisoning and how we are basically supposed to avoid it at all costs. Needless to say, at a young age I was very confused. Then I discovered that it is not actually lead in pencils, rather it is graphite. This is a soft material that comes from the element carbon and is the perfect product for pencils. This is precisely why the materials name comes from the Greek word grapho which means to draw or write. In addition to pencils, this diverse material can be used for a variety of other products as well. In its powder form, graphite is the perfect dry lubricant to be used in industrial and mechanical settings. It can be found in products like paints, batteries, brake linings and laptop components.

Rods and Fishing

Summer is here and with all of the upsides to this wonderful season, reading in the sun, going to the beach, finally waterskiing again, there is the one downside, it means the opportunity to fish. And when you grow up with uncles and cousins that all love to fish, and have a boyfriend that considers it the only thing worth doing in the summer, I really have no choice. So when I think of graphite rods, I cannot help but think of fishing and how excited everyone (except me) will be when all of those poles come out of storage.

Carbon and Life

Carbon, it has the atomic symbol C and is number six on the periodic table. Known for being one of the building blocks of life, carbon is the 15th most abundant element on Earth and the fourth in the universe. It is because of the reputation for being a building block of life that gets scientists especially excited when carbon or graphite-like carbon is found in meteorites or other planets. It is the sign that perhaps life existed at one point in time, that maybe there is more out there than just the mankind of planet Earth.

Electrodes and Electromagnetism

My favorite show, in the history of the world, was LOST. I know I am not alone, for most who watched the series from start to finish know it is something that can never be beat. So naturally, the connection of electrodes to Michael Faraday, who is the namesake to Daniel Faraday immediately, makes me excited. The real Faraday coined the term electrode from the Greek words of elektron and hodos, meaning amber, the word that electricity came from and a way respectively. An electrical conductor, electrodes are used in a wide variety of applications. One popular model is the graphite electrode. Daniel was our favorite scientist in the show. A physicist, he seemed to excel in everything from electromagnetism to time travel. While he may not have messed with graphite electrodes on the island, it is possible he came across them, or at least heard of them in his career at Oxford.

Plates for Food and Plates for Graphite

When I think of plates, I tend to think of something that will serve me my next meal. Maybe this is because I am always hungry, I don’t know. In reality, there are more options for plates than the food industry. Although, here there are a lot of varieties, different sizes, shapes, colors, materials, patterns… But in addition to this there are plates for all kinds of industrial and other applications. Graphite plates alone can be used in a variety of contexts including structural ribs, zinc and aluminum extrusion machines, components of kilns, cable manufacturing, electrodes, plastic injection, lubricating and sealing plates.

Bearings of All Kinds

Bearings are used in countless products for there use in movement. One particular bearing, the graphite bearing is able to contribute several additional attributes. It is often employed for high temperature applications due to its ability to withstand temperatures of up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a self lubricator because of its natural greasiness, while many other bearings might require additional lubrication, especially with prolonged use. In many ways, the stability of this product makes it a super material, able to be of use in space, underwater, underground, in gas and vacuum environments.

Metal Melting and Other Experiments

In general, it is common to think of crucibles as being created from metals such as copper, platinum, quartz or even porcelain. People do not always think of graphite, an item commonly known for its use in pencils. Yet, this is an excellent and cost saving alternative to the other materials that tend to be on the more expensive side. Crucibles are a type of container chosen for its ability to withstand high temperatures. Used to melt or alter various materials from metals, glass, pigments or for various lab testing, these products must have incredible resistance.

Becker Brothers Graphite Corp: Experienced Graphite Manufacturers

Becker Brothers Graphite Corporation has earned its position as an industry leader with several decades of experience manufacturing graphite and carbon-graphite products. In the graphite industry, our company has earned a reputation for providing superior technical knowledge and quality products, and our experienced engineering and machining staff are the best in the business. Custom graphite manufacturing is our specialty, and we have a long history of providing exceptional graphite solutions for all kinds of applications.

Industrial Graphite Sales: Superior Service, Guaranteed Satisfaction

In the graphite industry, Industrial Graphite Sales is synonymous with customer service and satisfaction. We have years of experience working with customers from many different industries, so we understand the complexities and the difficulties that our customers face. That is why we are dedicated to providing friendly and knowledgeable service, and our business continues to flourish because our customers keep coming back for more. We will work with you from beginning to end to satisfy your custom and unique applications. To guarantee customer satisfaction, we offer a diverse selection of machined graphite products and services, and we demonstrate commitment to your deadlines and your budget.

Fiberdome Inc: World Class Fiberglass Design

Fiberdome, Inc. is a well-known, industry leader in fiberglass design, fabrication, and manufacturing. Our trusted company is located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and services for many applications in a wide range of industries. Our company is known for our advanced fabrication facilities and leading industry expertise. Our products are designed and built to last and backed by Fiberdome’s Guarantee of Satisfaction. Customer’s fiberglass productions, mold design, and engineering requirements are exceeded by our excellent customer service and high quality products.

Weaver Industries: Shaping Your Needs with Graphite

Weaver Industries is a top manufacturer of machined graphite located in Denver, Pennsylvania. Our company came from humble beginnings as Harold S. Weaver began supplying foundries with patterns out of his home in 1954. After 55 years, we are proud to still be family owned, and we still hold firmly to our family values, being committed to integrity and honesty in all our business relationships. The Weaver family is dedicated to passing on these family values to their customers by supplying them with the highest quality products made from the very best materials.