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Weaver Industries: Shaping Your Needs with Graphite

Weaver Industries is a top manufacturer of machined graphite located in Denver, Pennsylvania. Our company came from humble beginnings as Harold S. Weaver began supplying foundries with patterns out of his home in 1954. After 55 years, we are proud to still be family owned, and we still hold firmly to our family values, being committed to integrity and honesty in all our business relationships. The Weaver family is dedicated to passing on these family values to their customers by supplying them with the highest quality products made from the very best materials.

IQS Featured Profile: S & S Optical Company, Inc.

Established in 1950, S & S Optical Company got our start manufacturing lenses for the ophthalmology industry, and after just a few years was successful enough to expand operations into the development of faceplates for electronic tubes as well as many other glass and quartz products for a range of applications in the aerospace, industrial, and military fields. S & S broadened its capabilities to specialize in precision quartz and glass machining, grinding, and polishing and continues to expand to more and more quality precision optical services. It is this commitment to quality, making sure that only 100% inspected and defect free parts reach our customers, as well as our ambition and dedication to stay at the forefront of the industry with the newest most up-to-date technology, that has made S & S Optical the leading manufacturer of quartz parts and specialized glass that it is today.

Advanced Ceramic Technology: Industrial Ceramics

Advanced Ceramic Technology boasts 31 years of excellence in manufacturing and machining industrial ceramics. Our company was started in 1983 and is located in Orange, California. We are ISO 9001:2008 compliant to ensure quality control and quality performance. Our company is dedicated to providing high tech industrial ceramic parts and components to a variety of industries. Our wide range of highly reliable ceramics are competitively priced, helping us to be one of the best in the industries. Industrial markets have seen an increased need for ceramic parts and Advanced Ceramic Technology has the most efficient solutions to meet the growing demands.

San Jose Delta, Inc: Alumina Ceramic Manufacturer

San Jose Delta, Inc. has been a top manufacturer of high purity alumina ceramic materials since we opened in 1971. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered company located in Santa Clara, California. Our company prides ourselves on our ability to grind nearly all ceramics and ceramic materials in our expanded 25,000 square foot facility. Our facility features a modern and fully integrated grinding department that can process a variety of different materials. San Jose Delta, Inc. is an authorized distributor and precision fabricator of Corning Macor as well as a U.S. government approved beryllium oxide grinding facility.

Machined Ceramics, Inc. – Trustworthy Source of Industrial Ceramics

Machined Ceramics, Inc. is a reliable supplier of precision machined ceramics. These products are ideal for a number of industries including: aerospace, communications, manufacturing, medical, automotive and more. The engineers at Machined Ceramics, Inc. keep your production goals in mind which is why they quickly develop prototypes for their customers. This company manufactures a multitude of items such as insulators, guides, washers, tubes, blocks, rods and much more. Machined Ceramics, Inc. understands the importance of developing products that fit their customers’ exact specifications. This is why their engineers will create your products with tight tolerances up to +/- .0001. This industry leader even offers same day delivery based on the size of the order.

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