Carrying Cases: Transporting Your Equipment in Safety

A YouTube search for various types of industrial carrying cases harvests some highly interesting – if not zany – results. In my quest for interesting facts about carrying cases, I saw some prime examples of just how tough well manufactured carrying cases can be, and I was impressed.

One video shows a marketing executive for a major industrial plastic case manufacturer doing a series of demonstrations. First, he packs a glass vase in a foam-lined carrying case with a thermoformed outer shell and throws the case off a 90-foot silo. Without a crack, the vase is pulled out by his assistant on the ground (who promptly smashes it on the concrete). Next, a larger case is placed beneath a front end tire of a 5,000 lb. vehicle – still, the case barely even flexes. Last, the same case is submerged in oceanwater for two hours by the assistant (who, when asked, announces that the case contains his boss’ cell phone and iPod). When the case comes up to the surface, the case’s foam padded interior, along with cell phone and iPod, are completely dry. The assistant is soaking.

Another one of my favorites gives a brief detail of the adventures several industrial carrying cases undergo while on a trek down the entire length of the Amazon River. The expedition team has a series of high-impact, waterproof plastic cases for their sensitive equipment, including laptops, camera equipment, connectors, GPS and other digital equipment. The cases have been submerged and thrown about in whitewater rapids, bashed against rocks and exposed to all manner of silt and corrosive organic materials from the notoriously dangerous river, and the equipment remains safe and dry for the duration of the expedition.

While a trip down the Amazon may not be something you or I commonly undertake, there are a myriad of applications where the safety of precious materials or equipment depend upon the durability of a carrying case. Bands and sound equipment professionals would be out of work if it weren’t for ATA cases’ highly durable design. Aluminum cases are being used increasingly for their extremely hard, dent-resistant exteriors and high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum’s corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic qualities make this case a prime choice for medical, tradeshow and photography industries, among many others. Foam-lined blow molded carrying cases can offer moderate protection, and thermoformed or rotomolded carrying and transit cases offer protection from whatever crazy environments you throw them in. Military transit cases from our own Zero Manufacturing have traveled across the deserts of Iraq and even into combat with vital supplies for soldiers.

Carrying case manufacturers often offer custom manufacturing of shipping cases, tool cases and instrument cases, whether the custom design be a wine glass and bottle case for wine enthusiasts or for a band’s didgeridoo. So next time you’re traveling across the Amazon – or through the airport – make sure your equipment is well protected.