What Do Cardboard Tube Factories Make?

Cardboard Tubes

Image courtesy of Ace Paper Tube Corporation

There are literally hundreds of cardboard tubes used in the world. Poster tube manufacturers often make many other products in addition to poster tubes. All of these cardboard products are a vital part of our world and provide valuable services that it would be hard to imagine life without.

Toilet paper tubes: Toilet paper tubes are made from kraft paper strengthened by a spiral roll. The spiral shape prevents the tube from collapsing. The rolls also have two or more layers to maintain the shape even when pinched.

Paper towel rolls: Paper towel rolls are usually a little sturdier than toilet paper rolls. A factory will use a sturdier cardboard to make paper towel rolls. Paper towel rolls still use the spiral roll to help strengthen the overall core of the roll and prevent collapse.

Poster tubes: Poster tube manufacturers, of course, also make poster tubes. These tubes are sturdier than both toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. The cardboard is stiff enough to withstand gentle pressure so that the poster inside the roll will not be crushed during transportation. Usually a plastic end cap covers the ends of the tube so you can get the poster out without tearing the tube.

Cardboard mailers: Cardboard mailers are just like poster tubes, but can also have additional materials or add-ons. Some mailers use insulated cardboard as the base for extra cushioning. Some companies will also provide additional coating options, such as a waterproof layer or foil insert to protect the tubes from oil or water. Chip containers often have a foil lining to prevent the oil from the chips from getting onto the cardboard.

Wrapping paper tubes: Wrapping paper tubes are usually made from a sheet of thin cardboard rolled together into a tube shape. Usually, the end of the tube is not sealed, and the end of the wrapping paper is tucked into the open end of the cardboard.