Recycle Cardboard Tubes at Home

Cardboard Tubes

A cardboard tube has many uses even after its initial use. In your home, you will collect tubes from wrapping paper, document mailers, paper towels, or toilet paper. There is no need to dispose of the tubes after the initial product is gone. You can reuse the tubes to help prevent the accumulation of paper goods in landfills and garbage dumps. Try some of the following cardboard tube uses in your home:

Document storage: Cardboard tubes are perfect for document storage. Simply roll a piece of paper into a tight coil, then slip it inside the tube. Tape a piece of paper over the ends of the tube to prevent the paper from slipping out. This will keep your paper clean and crease-free until you need it.

Vacuum extender: If your vacuum tools do not quite reach far enough, you can extend them with paper tubes. Tape the end of a tube over the end of your vacuum hose to add length to the tube so you can reach difficult-to-vacuum spaces in your home.

Cord storage: Cardboard tubes are ideal for using as cord and holiday light storage. Cut a small slit in one end of the tube. Wrap the cord around the tube. Tuck the loose end of the tube into the slit to secure the end and keep the cord from unwrapping. This will prevent cord tangles.

Crease-free fabric storage: Cardboard tubes can also help you store your linens without creases or wrinkles. Carefully wrap a table cloth or other fabric around the tube to prevent wrinkles and creases from forming in the fabric. This will keep your linens ready for use at any time.

Toys: Children love playing with cardboard tubes, and will use them for a variety of uses, from swords, to megaphones, to building supplies for craft projects. There is an endless supply of craft project ideas for paper tubes online.