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Cardboard and Recycling

How often do you deal with cardboard on a regular basis? If you run your own business or have a slight shopping addiction, the answer is probably a lot. Boxes can help your everyday tasks in so many ways. Cardboard is helpful for wrapping gifts, delivering packages and so much more. They are so helpful when they are being used, but when they are not being used, they tend to take up a lot of room. Large and bulky, they can be hard to store, and once you no longer have a need of them, what do you do?

You guessed it! A cardboard baler, or cardboard bailer as it is sometimes misspelled. With the efforts to turn to more environmentally friendly methods and to increase recycling habits, one easy way to make a difference is to recycle cardboard. And the first step to doing this, is of course to bale the materials. This helps reduce their bulky size and makes them a lot easier to transport to recycling locations. By crushing the boxes, the space they would otherwise take up is condensed, making the baled materials easier to store and later transport.

Cardboard is an excellent shipping material, is low cost to produce and is biodegradable, making it environmentally safe. And while the product is not toxic if thrown away, it will take up a large area in landfills. Recycling it will make it useable again and prevent the wasted space. By taking simple steps such as recycling cardboard when we are finished with it, we can help reduce our carbon footprint. Further, in doing so, money can be saved on garbage and transporting costs. Whether you choose to go with a used or new cardboard baler, the benefits will make the initial investment well worth it.