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Cardboard Reduction

New recycling plants are opening constantly as recycling gains momentum. As they expand, new and even more efficient balers are being purchased. Many are even created to be geared towards a specific use. For instance, cardboard balers are designed specifically for, you guessed it, baling cardboard. A fact that I did not know is that we generate roughly two and a half pounds of diesel air pollution every time we empty the cardboard from the dumpster. This is a lot of pollution considering how often dumpsters tend to need to be emptied. Picture the amount of boxes going into retail stores daily, once those boxes are emptied they need to go somewhere.

This is where cardboard baler manufacturers can come in and provide the solution we need. Many balers can compact around twenty pounds of the material into a cubic foot of material. In other words, it is cutting down the cardboard waste space by fifty percent! This greatly reduces the mass of the cardboard, making stores have to empty the dumpsters less frequently. Not only will it save companies money, but it really can help with the environment. Hopefully with all of these increasingly warmer days, many are starting to see the danger global warming could really cause.

When deciding which model will work best for your industry there are several considerations that should be evaluated. The bale tightness is first, should it be 20 or 10 pounds of material per cubic foot? Some models also require the boxes to be flattened first, this can take up time however, so many prefer models that do not require this step. Other model options can include portability, door size, maintenance, processing time and more. While the options can seem overwhelming at first, they will allow each company to find the perfect option for their needs.