Bearings of All Kinds

Carbon Graphite

Bearings are used in countless products for there use in movement. One particular bearing, the graphite bearing is able to contribute several additional attributes. It is often employed for high temperature applications due to its ability to withstand temperatures offavicon up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a self lubricator because of its natural greasiness, while many other bearings might require additional lubrication, especially with prolonged use. In many ways, the stability of this product makes it a super material, able to be of use in space, underwater, underground, in gas and vacuum environments.

Is it even necessary to have a product that can withstand heats of up to 5,000 degrees? That was the first thing I wondered upon reading about this valued quality of the graphite bearing. My thought was immediately, probably not, maybe in some weird science experiment or if you were traveling to the sun, but otherwise no. My guess was it was just one of those things were if you can develop it, then you should just to say that you did. However, in this I was slightly wrong. It turns out there are real uses for a heat resistant product such as this. According to the Discover Magazine, at one of the U.S. Army bases, a product able of achieving these high temperatures actually exists.

The product is referred to as a solar furnace and is able to reach temperatures of up to 5,000 degrees. While it was originally used for thermal testing military equipment, other uses are being explored as well. The main one could be considered a weird science experiment, but according to the article, it is showing potential. The idea is that a product like this could be used to “deflect” asteroids that may be hurtling towards the earth. Although graphite bearings may not be a part of these experiments, in the future, they could easily be applied to situations such as these. The technology exists, so graphite bearings might become an even more important product in the years to come.