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Car Wash Manufacturer Offers New Product For Tunnel Car Washes – DuraScrubber™ by Belanger

Press Release – July 15, 2008 by Belanger, Inc.

Northville, MI

Belanger, Inc., a car wash products manufacturer based in Northville, Mi., announced today the introduction of a new wheel cleaning product called the DuraScrubber™. The DuraScrubber wheel washer is designed for effective cleaning of multi-dimensional wheel surfaces. This new DuraScrubber will now join our comprehensive line of tire care products to satisfy the needs of today’s tunnel wash customers.

The DuraScrubber, designed with alternating 12” and 7” diameter crushed end tip bristles, delivers safe cleaning performance on all types of wheels. The DuraScrubber works by attacking the center of the wheel and scrubbing in a downward motion for optimal penetration into the deep crevices found on today’s vehicle rims. At a length of 96-inches the DuraScrubber ensures full tire rotation contact for ultimate cleaning results.

According to Christina Alexander, Sales Promotions Manager for Belanger, “The DuraScrubber is an exciting new wheel cleaning solution that offers significant revenue generating opportunity with minimal maintenance requirements. With the built in yellow guide rail, vehicles are safely transitioned into the wheel washer application while protecting the side walls from accidental pinching damage.”


Additional information on the DuraScrubber is now available by contacting Belanger at 248-349-7010 or visiting their website at” rel=”nofollow”

Christina Alexander
Belanger, Inc.
Phone: 248-349-7010, ext. 348
Fax: 248-349-2062

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