Canvas: The New Plastic

Canvas Bags

With the recent trend towards  more eco-friendly practices for businesses, individuals, and even governments, many of the products and practices that were done thoughtlessly in the past are being reconsidered. One of these practices is the use of plastic and paperfavicon shopping bags at stores all over the world.

Plastic shopping bags are hard on the environment because not only are they generally manufactured from a type of plastic that is difficult to recycle, but they are also easy to get blown away and stuck in lakes, rivers, ponds, trees, and garden beds. The plastic will stay in its current form for hundreds of years, which leads to a high level of plastic contamination in the world.

Even paper sacks are not as environmentally friendly as many people believe. Paper sacks are manufactured from a special kind of paper that is harder to recycle than some forms of paper. Paper bags also still use tress for manufacturing, and if a company is not careful, they can reduce the total number of trees in the world by using paper bags.

Because of the issues with both paper and plastic bags, many manufacturers are now manufacturing canvas bags to use instead of paper or plastic. Some governments have even outlawed the use of plastic bags in retail stores.

The higher demand for portable canvas bags has increased the need for canvas bag contractors. Sewing canvas bags is not difficult, but it does take time. Many companies are using third party sewing contractors to create canvas bags to use for holding merchandise. One huge advantage of a canvas bag over paper or plastic bags is that canvas can be used over and over because of its extreme durability.