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OSCO began in 1872 as the Ohio Stove Company in Portsmouth, Ohio and manufactured a quality line of heating and cooking stoves. In 1942, investors purchased the Portsmouth foundry and began expanding the company into the broader casting market. Customers from the air conditioning, transportation, and power transmission industries started utilizing their services. On the company’s 100th anniversary in 1972, the company changed its name to OSCO Industries, Inc.

Today, OSCO has three casting plants located in South-Central Ohio. The major markets catered are air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive, power-transmission equipment, pumps and valves. OSCO’s professional staff has hundreds of years of combined experience which adds to the stability and confidence that OSCO provides to its customers. The employees receive reoccurring training in many areas including casting defects, process improvement and safety. The employees are knowledgeable in casting manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing and three- dimensional solidification modeling, and continually seek to improve OSCO’s processes by incorporating new and developing technologies.OSCO’s gray iron castings range in size from less than a pound, up to 40 pounds. They also supply gray iron grades G2500 to G2500. High, medium, and low volume order requirements are accepted. If you need help creating a design, OSCO’s engineering team can create a 2D drawing or 3D model to get you what you need. Contact OSCO Industries, Inc. today for more information!