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California’s Manufacturing Sector Continues to Grow

As the United States is striving to be globally competitive and energy independent we must look to one of our leading states as an example of a strong manufacturing sector and growing economy. The state of California has a GDP of $2 trillion and this state is coming back from a hard period of struggles. Governor Jerry Brown recently proposed a budget of $106.8 billion which is aimed to pay off loans, increase funding for schools and create a stockpile capital surplus for unforeseen financial issues in the future. The manufacturing sector is predicted to grow throughout 2014 and there are a number of statewide tax initiatives that Californian manufacturing companies can utilize for purchasing cutting-edge equipment.

Although the United States has been fighting through the Great Recession we still remain as one of the top manufacturing powers in the world. Our factories lead in designing high-end sophisticated manufactured goods. Californian manufacturers are on the forefront of creating the most innovative robotics. These high performance machines are programmed to be service robots that will not replace the worker but rather assist humans with manufacturing goods. The combination of robotic precision and human ingenuity results in increased productivity compared to previous robotic designs which only performed routine repetitive tasks. Many small and medium businesses can utilize these assistance robots to increase production and quality of their manufacturing lines. The increased demand for Californian-made robotics will not only boost California’s economy but also serve as a catalyst for more manufacturing opportunities across the United States.

California is leading the nation in developing new advancements in medicine and scientific innovations. Six of the twelve best metropolitan areas for biotechnology and four the world’s top twenty academic bioscience institutions are in California. California is also the leader in creating solutions to manage climate change. California is working hard to manufacture effective electric cars and design buildings for energy efficiency. One major example of California’s commitment to green technology is the California High-Speed Rail project. This project is one of the largest public works project in the world and this bullet train will operate from 100% renewable energy which is estimated to eliminate up to 674,000 net metric tons of greenhouse gases by 2020.

The California High-Speed Rail project is just one example of the manufacturing growth in California. Across the state manufacturing companies have been adding jobs recent months. Although many jobs were lost during the collapse of the state’s housing market, the economy is predicted to expand in the coming months. In late 2013 the United States Department of Labor reported that California had the fifth-highest unemployment in the United States with a rate of 8.5 percent. This rate is still above the nation average but it has greatly improved from the 9.6 percent from this time last year.