4 Elements to Look for in Grain Bag Unloaders

Bulk bag unloaders are a highly useful tool for many industries and manufacturing plants. The unloaders can quickly remove the contents from a bag without causing the materials to create a large amount of dust or become contaminated by surrounding materials or contaminants. The bulk bag unloaders can easily empty a bag into a machine or some other area for further processing and transformation into a new product.

One type of bulk bag unloader is specifically designed for use with bags of grain. These unloaders have unique features that make working with bags of grain easier and more sanitary. When purchasing a grain bag unloader, look for some of the following features that make the process of unloading grain easier than ever:

Steering: A grain unloader that can steer easily helps direct the grain to the center of the unloading machine, rather than allowing it to drift to one side or another. The better and more precise the steering mechanism, the better the unloader will perform. Better performance equals faster unloading time and greater efficiency.

Gathering augers: Look for a gathering mechanism that can help the bag direct the grain to the suction tubes that transport the grain to a new location. The gathering augers help facilitate the movement of the grain through the bag.

Weight counterbalance: This counterbalance prevents the unloading machine from drifting out of place or becoming overloaded due to the weight of the grain inside the bag. The counterbalance helps keep the unloader and the grain bag aligned and working properly.

High quality suction: Look for suction that offers a high level of suction power for various weights of grain. The higher the suction power, the faster the grain will empty from the bag. This will help increase the overall production in your factory due to faster unloading speed.