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Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushes are in our lives everyday, sometimes overwhelmingly so because they seem to be a chore no matter what form they come in. Whether it is a toothbrush, hairbrush, broom, or brush attached to the vacuum, it is hard to go through an entire day without using some type of brush. There is such a wide range of uses for them, it is no wonder we find them everywhere. Not only can they help tame hair, power brushes can tame the burs and rough edges on metal.

Brushes are important for the average home, institutions, businesses and industry. From the basic sweep broom to push brooms to power brushes, they all play there part in cleaning and touching up our lives. No matter the brush, the basic construction is the same; a group of bristles is attached to a solid surface. After this, anything can happen. The smallest brushes tend to be artist brushes, used for painting or fine detail cleaning. Larger brushes, like industrial brushes can be used for large and heavy cleaning jobs. There are also different forms such as wheel brushes or bottle brushes. In these cases, the bristles are wrapped around the object making circular or spiral patterns.

Brushes can also be made out of a number of materials. They can be created out of the traditional organic substances such as sable hair or synthetic substances and wire. When it comes to wire, options include brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, steel, stainless steel and titanium. Metal bristles are ideal for heavier industrial cleaning that may take tougher scrubbing to accomplish the job. They can also be used for finishing and deburring metal or other tough surfaces. Another common substance for brushes is nylon. This can come in many grades and is even available as abrasive nylon which is impregnated with minerals to make it coarse. The many options and varieties available make brushes applicable in any setting; it just comes down to the specific function they will be used for to decide the best option for you.