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The Cares of an Interviewee

Graduating from college two years ago, I have gained significant experience in the art of being an interviewee. In today’s economic climate, most people must interview with a number of companies before they are able to find a job, which is exactly what happened to me. Because of this experience, I have learned how to dress, how to act before the interview begins, during the interview andfavicon after the interview, as well as how to get the feel for an office environment from one visit. This last element is important because not only am I being interviewed, but I am also deciding if the place I am at is a place I would want to work. The following are a few tips I have picked up on how to be an interviewee and how to decide if an office environment will be a good one for me.

First off, appearance is important. All this means is that dressing in business casual, after showering and other grooming habits are completed is important. One never wants to go to an interview wearing jeans or ratty, casual clothes. Having a well organized paper copy of your resume is also a good idea. Also, being prepared for classic interview questions, which one can find online, helps with the interview process. The last preparation tip is to do some research on the company before you go.

Once in the office, looking at the name plates for desks, which are often present for secretaries and management, will help you remember the name and title of the person you are interviewing with. Name plates are a mark of esteem for employees though, so don’t expect to receive one yourself for an entry level position, but consider it something to look forward to as you advance. Listening to the chatter, or lack of chatter in an office space can help you get a feel for the environment. How employees treat the manager when they come out to retrieve you for the interview is also a good clue to how they manage.

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