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A Scientist’s Best Friend

Borosilicate glass is the strongest glass on the market today, which makes borosilicate glass useful for almost every glass appliance. Because borosilicate glass sheets are stronger than typical glass sheets, they are more widely used due to their increased reliability. Borosilicate glass’s strength and resistance to thermal expansion (as well as high temperatures) coupled with glass’s trait of transparency makes it a viable tool for someone particularly in the field of experimentation, otherwise a scientist.

Borosilicate glass is useful to a scientist because scientists test characteristics of nature in order to make discoveries and attain a better understanding of the laws of nature. In order for scientists to succeed at this task, they must be able to make observations and draw conclusions; that is where glass’ transparency is useful and where borosilicate glass’ durability is useful because it is equipped to handle any reaction or environment it must contain.

I remember my sophomore year biology class and my junior year chemistry class in high school when all the tools we would use seemed to similar glass. Back then I had no idea what borosilicate glass even was, now it is strange to think that all that glassware we used (beakers, test tubes, microscope slides, etc.) was all one material- borosilicate glass. There must be some reason that is all we used; now I know it is because it is a reliable product.
For example: In biology class, I recall a time I had to change slides (a borosilicate glass sheet) from a microscope after I had just observed some sort of bacteria. As I was changing slides, the wet surface of the one I had just previously used slipped out of my hand and fell about five feet onto a hard tile floor. When it hit the ground it didn’t even crack and I breathed a very heavy sigh of relief, considering my teacher was watching me the entire time!

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