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Improve Blow Molding with Parison Control

Blow molding is already an inexpensive way to manufacture a variety of plastic products from plastic bottles to toys. However, there are always new innovations that can make the process easier, faster, and less expensive. One of these new methods is to use a variable speed drive and parison control during the blow molding process.

Parison control improves the quality of the process and also reduces the amount of power that the unit uses. This works by weighing down the parison which creates a thinner top and thicker bottom on the plastic pieces. This also helps improve the uniformity of product thickness, which reduces cooling time.

It is possible to use parison control on time-based extrusion machines, accumulator-head machines and accumulator-head wheels. The control systems offer real-time results and can link the machine with other downstream equipment, like leak detection, vision checks, and product weighing. Some designs also provide alerts for maintenance.

In addition to the above benefits, using a variable-speed clamping unit drive can help the system pay for itself because it automatically controls how much power is given to each process. If less than full power is necessary, the machine will only use the amount needed to get the job done. This can save a factory a significant amount in operation costs.

Using both of these systems will maximize the effectiveness and cost of any plastic molding process. Customers will love the improved quality and product consistency, and manufacturers will love the reduced costs and improved processing times that the additions offer. With just a few simple adjustments and additions, a factory can save thousands of dollars each year on their plastic molding processes.