Benefits of Blister Packaging

We are a society of judging a book by its cover. This sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of how we live. This is why huge amounts of money are put into the marketing of products, why there are multiple repackaging and redesigning of products throughout the year to make it thinner and more attractive, and why there are design teams specifically for how the product looks on the store shelves. Face it, if your product does not stand out to consumers as an attractive option, it will not be purchased. Many people buy products that they are attracted on a first impression basis. For the producer, it is extremely important that you position your product so that the design is appealing to the consumer.

One way that you can do this is to use blister packaging, which allows the consumer to see the actual product they are buying instead of judging it based on a picture on a box. Blister packaging is a product sealing method in which a product is placed against a plastic or cardboard base and covered with a transparent plastic dome, rectangle or form fitting cover. This gives the customer confidence that they are getting a quality product that is not damaged or broken. Blister packaging is fairly customizable so that the clear or colored plastic around the product fits perfectly and allows for branding or specific shape or size requirements.

Blister PackagingImages Courtesy of Jonco Industries, Inc.

Products that use blister packaging range from toothbrushes, small toys, electronics and various other products. Blister packaging is used primarily for the packaging of consumer goods in single or small quantities. Retail stores make extensive use of products sealed in blister packaging.  This includes toy stores, hardware stores, grocery stores and many other settings in which manufactured products reach end-users all depend on blister packaging. Medical companies also use blister packaging for the distribution and packaging of various medication. This becomes especially useful when it is necessary to seal individual pills, because the medical packaging creates a sterile and separated environment that is also easily accessible for consumers. Contact lenses also are stored using blister packages for the same reasons, easy storage and accessibility.

Product PackagingImages Courtesy of Jonco Industries, Inc.

Blister packaging does more than just allow the customer to see the product however, it also protects the product from dirty transportation or storage conditions and protects from poor handling during transport. This type of product packaging provides several benefits to the manufacturer and the consumer. This type of packaging helps manufacturers meet shelf-life requirements and also prevents tampering. Blister packaging is just one of many packaging designs manufacturers use to seal their products in advance of end-user purchase; it is a very effective way of protecting a new product from damage or becoming dirty while simultaneously allowing potential buyers to examine the product thoroughly.

One of the benefits of blister packaging is that it has the flexibility to be formed in a variety of shapes and forms. The plastic covering on the blister package can be rectangular shaped, circular, or it can be custom fit around a specific product. This allows for unique design choices that may not be available in other forms of packaging. For example, when dealing with cardboard boxes, there are only a few shapes that are possible to create. With blister packaging, you are removing the restrictions that other packaging options create.