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A New Coating Seal for Blister Packs

Blister packs are an inexpensive way to store various products from gum to medical products. Blister packs are typically made through the process of blow molding, and uses a flexible form of plastic that is compatible with a wide range of plastics. Often, thefavicon most common forms of plastic used for blister packaging includes rPET, APET, and PVC plastics, depending on the desired finished strength of the package by the manufacturer.

Although blister packaging has a wide range of uses, there are still some occasions where additional protection and coatings may be necessary to protect the objects inside. Usually, a type of heat-seal coating is applied to the plastic to help seal the package from external sources, such as chemicals, magnets, or other contaminants that could damage the plastic or the object inside. You will often find this type of coating on electronics packaging, such as the packaging of batteries.

One new form of sealing coat is ideal for creating a strong seal in low-temperature applications. One of the problems with sealing certain kinds of blister packaging is that the plastic has to be heated beyond its melting point to activate a strong seal. This new kind of seal is able to create a tight bond at a low enough temperature to prevent the melting of the packaging itself.

This coating is called, BlisterBond Pro advanced heat-seal coating, and is manufactured by the company Lubrizol. The coating is compatible with various types of blister plastics, including rPET, APET, and PVC. This new coating provides many benefits over similar coating types created in the past. It can provide additional adhesion strength, easy printing processes, improved blocking resistance, lower VOC ratings, and fewer product variations due to temperature and humidity changes during production. These advantages can help blister packaging companies save time and money on all packing production.

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