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Beneficial Functions of Industrial Scales

Scales are an integral part of many industries, especially processing plants as they not only assure complete accuracy for tracking records and cost by weight scenarios, but for the many other functions they perform as well. Industrial scales are used in a variety of fields for a wide range of industrial applications, and are often able to interface with other technological equipment to complete complex tasks. I would like to go into further detail about the benefits that industrial scales offer to particular industries based on the many functions they are able to perform.

These types of scales are relied on heavily in agricultural and food processing and manufacturing industries. In applications in these sectors, the scales are not only used to record weight and for tracking purposes. They can also be used to evaluate the quality of the product. For instance, certain scales are able to detect and measure moisture content, and some have the ability to take x-ray images. This allows contaminants and moisture issues (whether too much or too little moisture) that are not visible on the surface to be detected and addressed.

Take seafood for example, the fish go through many processes from the catch to the market. Scales track weight throughout these processes as weight may change due to the fish drying or conversely water, oil or salt absorption, and as bones are removed. This is also one area where x-ray capabilities can be very important in order to detect decay and other unappealing or unhealthy impurities.

In addition to these extra functions, most industrial scales have the capability to interface with other technology in the facility, transmitting information quickly and accurately when it is most important. Much like bench scales in grocery store check outs, these scales also compute, immediately calculating value based on weight. Because there is a wide variety of industrial scales with a range of different functions available, it is important to know which would be best for your specific application. Do you need a scale with extra functions and capabilities or would something simple be more appropriate for your operations? Contact a scale manufacturer near you for more detailed information and to discuss what options would be best for your facility.