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Dunnage Cleaning Systems: The Pallet Washers

The shipping and storage of goods is something almost every industry must deal with, since they all need to transport their products to an appropriate market where they can be sold. Before I can buy milk and toilet paper at the grocery store, both must be produced and faviconpackaged in their respective manufacturing and warehouse settings, loaded onto plastic pallets and transported by way of semi-trucks or similar vehicles to where they will be bought by the public. This means that almost every industry utilizes pallets and therefore needs to clean them since they are items that are reused multiple times. A dunnage cleaning system, which is also known as a pallet washer, is the parts washer model that gets the job done.

Operating much like a parts washer for small pieces, dunnage cleaning systems utilize high pressure water and conveyor belt systems to thoroughly clean the pallets and dunnage trays that are taken through their systems. Dunnage trays are smaller versions of nestable pallets that are often designed to hold and stabilize very specific products. Regardless, these types of storage and transportation devices can get very messy in their travels, and depending on the application they are sometimes required to be sanitary or the company using them can get in a lot of trouble. There are regulations enforced by the FDA that monitor the state of pallets and dunnage trays, particularly when they are transporting food or pharmaceuticals. This means dunnage cleaning systems are very important machines to own and utilize.

The basic mechanics of pallet washers include an automatic system that has a wash, rinse and dry cycle, all of which is done with high power jets to get the pallets and dunnage trays as clean as possible in the shortest amount of time. They way the trays and pallets are cycled through the system varies depending on the design; some are overhead conveyors while others are regular roller conveyors and still others are custom made to hold the pallets vertically and rotate them through the cleaning machine.

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