Bring It Here

Have you ever been working on a job or on a line and needed more supplies, but could not leave your location or simply did not want to leave the site? Leaving a job to go restock supplies and lug them over can be a real pain. However, there is a solutionfavicon to retrieve those supplies without using your energy or the man power of someone else. The solution could be an automated guided vehicle or AGV. There are several uses for automated guided vehicles, as well as a number of guidance systems to help them navigate to their destination, properly and safely. On a jobsite, there could be a number of uses for AGV, but in the warehouse or on the jobsite where more supplies are needed a towing vehicle would be a great advantage.

The towing automated guided vehicle could use one of its navigating tools such as physical bumper sensors, lasers or guiding tape, to name a few. As a result, the towing vehicle will bring over all of the needed supplies to finish the job at your convenience. The means of controlling these navigating functions are managed by three avenues: the locator panel, cathode-ray tube (CRT) display and a reporting and logging station. Once the navigating tool of choice is determined and you can understand how to control the AGV through these the three methods, a towing vehicle could supplement any business nicely.

Towing vehicles could also aid in the process of moving large objects to other locations in a warehouse or yard to rearrange or store equipment too large to carry. A towing vehicle could also be a huge help on the delivering and receiving end of any business because of their ability to self guide, stocking or retrieving the next order. Where have you used or seen a towing vehicle controlled by AGV?