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Redoing Power Lines

Updating power lines is no easy task, as demonstrated by Maine’s current project. The Maine Power Reliability Program is currently undergoing a major upgrade of power lines. faviconAccording to the Sun Journal, this 1.4 billion dollar project is aimed at fixing up all power lines from Eliot through central Maine and into Orrington. Projects like this can be extremely beneficial to the community. Old existing lines can begin to wear down over time, and will need replacement. Not only that, but as technologies constantly improve by the minute, most want to keep working with some of the best options available.

In addition to new lines, a new auto transformer will be brought in. According to the article, this new product will be able to reduce voltage levels from 345,000 to 115,000. The latter voltage will still be able to transfer enough energy to suit the region of central Maine, but will save energy and be a little less dangerous in case something happens in the future to disrupt it. The project is not a simple one however. The article states that 442 miles of new lines must be created. It comes with four years of construction, not due to be completed until the year 2015.

In general, energy conservation is a very important thing in our current time of climate change. Simple things can make a big difference if everyone would get on board. This includes simply limiting the power used daily. Shutting down computers at the end of the work day, turning of lights when not being used and other easy energy saving techniques can make a difference not only in energy costs, but in reducing energy waste as well. New transformers such as these that can provide adequate levels, but no longer supply wasteful accesses could help in the long run.