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Powering Microwaves in France, Step Down Transformers

Microwaves are found in nearly every household in America. Even my Grandma, who loves making meals from scratch, often uses it for quick meals or to soften up potatoes. Yet, in some places such as Europe and Russia, microwaves aren’t so popular. In many countries they have actually been banned because of the negative effects they are thought to have. But, for Americans, the microwave has become a way of life, so for those who can’t live without them, certain steps can be taken. To use microwaves in these countries, step down power transformers are often purchased. Step down transformers are able tofavicon decrease the voltage of electric currents, until it is at an acceptable level for the appliance.

While using step down transformers to power different appliances in other countries is one use, they are most often used at power generating stations to increase the voltage with a decrease in current. These high voltages paired with low currents can be used for long-distance transmission lines. When they reach the receiving end, the voltage is lowered and current increases to power the devices. They are able to allow higher efficiency and lower losses by slowly lowering the voltage level until it is suitable for the home or business. In addition to these uses, smaller versions can be used to power electronic equipment, from speakers or television sets to electric razors, to prevent the products from short circuiting or catching fire.

This decrease in electricity is based off of the electrical wiring around the electromagnet. It is accomplished by transferring the electrical energy through two coil stages. The coils work as primary and secondary conductors. The first coil will have more windings and the second coil stage will have fewer windings. More windings on the input side and fewer windings on the output side of the electromagnet allow for the reduction in output voltage. Thanks to this system, the high voltage and low current power is converted to low voltage and high current power.