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Talan Products, Inc. – Outstanding Aluminum Extrusions and Quality Metal Stamping

Talan Products, Inc. is a thriving metal stamping company with experiences dating back to 1986. We have made a number of achievements over the years while aiming to exceed all customer expectations. We are committed to manufacturing the very best and we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company who is dedicated to quality. Talan Products, Inc. partners with our customers in order to establish long lasting successful business relationships while offering superb customer service. Our company is forward-thinking utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and technologies which results in the highly reliable products.

VACCO Industries: Outstanding Photo Etching since 1954

VACCO Industries is a provider of photo etching services for a wide range of industries with experiences dating back to 1954. Located in St. Louis, MO this company is ISO 9001:2000, AS9100 certified and FDA registered. We offer solutions for markets including: automotive, medical, fiber, electronic, printing, avionic, industrial manufacturing and much more. VACCO Industries is a preferred supplier that offers competitive prices as well as guaranteed on-time delivery. Our company is on the forefront of developing the latest innovations in our industry and many have learned to turn VACCO Industries for all of our photo etching, adhesive bonding, micro laser cutting and metal etching needs.

Advantages of Paint Booth Design

Paint booth devices typically refer to any type of structure that is designed to prevent contamination and unwanted air flow in areas involving painting. However over the years this technology has greatly improved. These products come in a variety of configurations ranging as small as a bench top paint booth or as big as an aircraft paint booth. Since the term paint booth can be somewhat a board term there are a number of there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best paint booth for your application.

Jenfab Provides Outstanding Aqueous and Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

JENFAB has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1960. Our company is known for creating the world’s first, fully automated vertical agitation parts washers. This innovation revolutionized the parts washing industry. A decade later our company began introducing new automated ultrasonic precision cleaning systems for a number of industries including automotive, aviation, and bio-medical industries. These impressive pieces of technology have led the way in their field and JENFAB continues to be on the forefront of our industry. Today JENFAB is known for our high performance line of standard and customized cleaning systems.

New Discovery in Electric Switch Research

Electric switches are devices which are used to open or close electrical circuits. These switches range in a variety of different styles and configurations however in recent industry news there has been a discovery of an electronic switch that is only three atoms thick. This ultra-thin material is not only extremely small but also allows for a high degree of flexibility. The material is a composed of crystalline elements that can easily perform tasks like a traditional switch of toggling between different electrical states. The crystal material can be manipulated into two different atomic structures where one structure conducts electricity and the other which blocks electric currents.

Electronic Connectors Decrease in Size While Meeting MIL Requirements

As the electronic industry continues to expand and new devices are created which often come with smaller sizes however we have discovered an interesting situation. New innovations typically will have smaller sizes however in military and aerospace industries these devices still have to conform to MIL requirements. These high performance connectors are designed to weigh less however they must still offer the same or better operating power as traditional connectors. Traditional MIL connectors are usually associated into three different categories:

High Efficiency Filtration Systems

Filtration has a long history and there are a number of reasons why companies should consider installing or upgrading any filtration systems. Filtration is an expanding industry that encompasses many types of solutions such as air filtration, water filtration, chemical filtration, electrostatic filtration, oil filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, membrane filtration, biological filtration and much more. In today’s modern industry utilizing the proper types of filtration is essential for effective and safe production in nearly every single industry.

The Calibration Services Market to Grow

Over the years there have been a number of advancements in the calibration services industry. There are various types of calibration services including: pressure calibration, electrical calibration, mechanical calibration, temperature calibration and humidity calibration to name a few. Pressure calibration is a common type of calibration process which gas and hydraulic pressures are measures through barometers, analogue pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, transmitters and more. Electrical calibration measures voltage current frequency and resistance. Electrical equipment involved with this style of calibration includes data loggers, loop testers, clamp meters, counter timers and more.

Iowa Prepared for New EPA Carbon Standard

Iowa is a state that is known for their success in the food processing industry. This state is on the forefront of designing the latest innovations in the manufacturing food packaging solutions and a wide variety of other agriculture machinery. However Iowa is not limited to just the agriculture industry. Iowa is a leading state that develops construction equipment, electrical equipment and heavy duty machinery for various different industries. The economy in Iowa is expanding and there have been recent opportunities that will allow the solar and wind energy sectors to continue to grow. The state of Iowa handles issues such as renewable energy very serious and there are a number of organizations in Iowa that are working hard to make this state a national leader in the renewable energy industry.

Maine Leads Nation In Bio-Based Manufacturing

Maine is an example of a state that understands the importance of researching and investing in products that are not only economical beneficial but also have a positive impact on the environment. In recent news there was an announcement that the Environmental Health Strategy Center in Maine has received a grant of $100,000 to assist with develop the latest advances in bio-based manufacturing. The ESHC has led the nation in developing solutions for protecting humans from a variety of harmful chemicals including: arsenic, lead, mercury and more. This organization not only strives for creating safe options to improve health but also to boost economic develop through designing alternative solutions.

Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute to Revitalize Illinois Manufacturing

Plans are developing for the new Illinois manufacturing hub formally known as the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute. This innovation center will be located at Goose Island and it is estimated to cost $320 million. The White House officially announced that $70 million of federal money will be used to help create the DMDI while the remaining $250 million will be funded through state and private organizations. There are 41 companies, 23 universities/labs, and 9 other organizations partnered together to make the DMDI Institute a success. This innovation hub is just one of many new institutions that have been announced across the United States however as the name states this center will specialize in technologies regarding digital innovations and design techniques.

Simplify Your Construction with NRB Inc.

NRB Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality and durable modular building solutions. This company has been on the forefront of creating the most innovating buildings for a wide range of applications. This industry leader has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1979 and over the years NRB Inc. has developed the most cutting-edge solutions in their field. NRB Inc. utilizes a 9-step process which includes vital ongoing consultation and their experts will work with you long after the installation of your structure. This company guarantees their products will satisfy all of your goals and their teams will continue to supply you with support to ensure your satisfaction.

Illinois Unemployment Hits Record Low

There have been some very interesting reports coming from companies, organizations and government officials in the state of Illinois. One very exciting report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Illinois Department of Employment Security shows that the unemployment rate for Illinois has drop to 7.9 percent. Not only is this a decrease from previous months but this marks the lowest rate since 2008. The Illinois economy is making a very successful rebound and there have been a number of initiatives to ensure the fiscal stability of this state.

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. – Highly Innovative Parts Washers

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial parts washers with experiences dating back to 1994. Our highly advanced solutions are utilized in a number of different industries including: General Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Defense/Military, Dunnage & Containers, HVAC/Plumbing, Marine, Mass Transit, Heavy Equipment & Construction, Medical/Phram/Food, Electronics and more. Our company developed a new system which utilized a lift off canopy design resulting in easy access to the inside the clean systems.

Ohio Revitalizing Manufacturing

The state of Ohio has made some serious efforts to improve their manufacturing sectors, from investing into the new American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute to the creating the Center for Design and Manufacturer Excellence at Ohio State University. Ohio is on the right track for not only creating economic opportunities in the short run but also for sustaining long term jobs that will encourage many companies to choose products that are manufactured right here in the United States.

Manufacturing Growth in South Carolina

South Carolina has a long history of automotive manufacturing and this state has been influenced by the positive increases in the growth of domestic manufacturing. According to a recent report April has shown improved manufacturing for a third straight month. The Institute for Supply Management said national factory activity rose from 53.7 in March to 54.9 in April. There have been a number of expansions announced by major automotive manufacturers in South Carolina and it is estimated that overall manufacturing will continue to grow in the coming months. Interesting enough South Carolina is home to over 250 different automotive manufacturing facilities and there are a number of factors that contribute to South Carolina’s appeal for these automotive companies.

Connecticut Aims to Attract New Generations of Skilled Workers

Local industries are on the rise in the state of Connecticut. Many manufacturers are optimistic of the growing market and there have been a number of steps taken to create a business-friendly environment for this state. According to the Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut, a majority of manufacturers are predicting a positive growth in their industry and show confidence in not only increasing their sales in the future but also show interest in increase their employment levels. Major manufacturers rely on Connecticut products to supply the components for advanced industries such as aerospace. This industry offers over 40,000 statewide and Connecticut is know as the second-highest provider of aerospace and advanced manufacturing jobs per capita in the nation.

New York Manufacturers are Seeing Positive Signs for Growth

The state of New York has seen some very interesting economic fluctuation in the past few weeks. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has reported a decrease in actual new order requests for manufacturers however overall the outlook is very optimistic. According to the New York Fed the manufacturing index has fallen to 1.3 for the month of April. This is a significant drop from the index which was at 5.6 in March. Despite the index dropping the hopeful thing about the current index is any number still above the zero mark is considered an improving market. For general business the Fed has expected that the index increases to 38.2.

United Equipment Accessories, Inc. – High Quality Solutions, Affordable Prices

United Equipment Accessories, Inc. is a company that is known for our quality assured products. Our company has manufacturing roots dating back to 1952 when we were designing remote control kits for truck mounted cranes. Our efforts over the years have resulted in United Equipment Accessories, Inc. becoming one the leading manufacturers of slip rings in the world. Our proud company also offers a number of innovated solutions including: cable reels, shift controls and hydraulic swivels. Our products are engineered to meet all customer specifications and these items are created from CNC machining processes which results highly accurate solutions.

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