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Gambling with Your Sites…Keyword Coverage or Product Categories?

Print technology is based on product categories that users have to search to try to figure out what the publisher thinks are the most common terms to describe a specific industry. The company then has to decide how much to spend on each product category. Google-empowered Web technology, on the other hand, enables the buyer to search any term and immediately find relevant results…

A Primer on Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dynamic Air Inc., a major leader in the dense phase pneumatic conveying industry, is a specialist in the pneumatic conveying of dry, bulk solids. Applications range from food to poison, from light fumed silica to heavy powdered metals. However, all of these applications have one thing in common, the necessity to control the conveying velocity in order to control particle degradation, conveying pipe wear, minimize air consumption, or eliminate pipe line plugging. What is Pneumatic Conveying? Pneumatic conveying is nothing more than creating a pressure differential along a pipeline and moving a bulk material along with the air as the air moves towards the area of lower pressure. This can be done with a vacuum inducer, or with compressed air being injected into one end of or along the pipeline. Dilute Phase vs. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying The two most distinct categories of pneumatic conveying can be described as either low pressure (dilute phase) or high pressure (dense phase) systems.

Proceco Acquires MP Tech Blasting Technologies from Deloitte & Touche Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, July 2, 2009 – Proceco is pleased to announce the acquisition of all blasting technologies previously owned by Metal Processing Technologies Inc. (MP Tech) of Cambridge, Ontario. On June 11th 2009, Proceco Ltd. acquired certain assets from Deloitte & Touche Inc., the Receiver and Trustee in Bankruptcy of MP Tech Inc. These assets included patents, engineering data and process test equipment. Proceco will apply its know-how in application and design engineering, project management and quality manufacturing to further develop the patented Slurry Blast Technology, thereby expanding its parts cleaning and surface treatment offerings to its global customer base. The patented Slurry Blast Process is the ultimate metal component surface finishing process designed to degrease, blast clean, surface profile, shot peen and rust inhibit in one footprint.

R&D Molders, Inc. Takes In-Mold Labeling To Next Level

Georgetown, TX, May 7, 2009- R&D Molders, Inc. challenges industry standards with what industry observers are calling the first In-Mold Labeled or IML, round canister with a wall thickness of approximately 0.055′ capped with an injection molded, one-of-a-kind closure. R&D Molders, Inc. partnered with Minatech, Inc. to achieve this new industry benchmark using a custom-engineered 6 axis Fanuc Robotic Cell for the canister, and a 300-ton Toyo injection molding machine for the closure.

Loos & Co., Inc. Introduces Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable

Connecticut?based Loos & Co., Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of cable for the fitness equipment industry, has announced the release of its latest fitness cable: Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable. Developed in their research and manufacturing facility in Pomfret, Conn., Exerflex Pro® builds on Loos & Co.’s tradition of providing fitness equipment manufacturers, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market. For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos & Co. cable as the only cable used in their equipment. Exerflex Pro® continues the tradition of providing the safety and performance that are critical in fitness equipment.

Oxidizer Energy Recovery

The mainstream media today is full of allusions to energy awareness and conservation. Just as visible these days are media references to astronomical dollar figures that can boggle the mind. This article does not seek to break out of that mold, but rather to conform to it – as Oxidizer Stack Heat Recovery offers a tremendous opportunity for both energy conservation and energy cost reduction. Consider the following: At any hour of the day there are likely to be more than 10,000 oxidizer systems in service, using a high temperature reaction chamber (with or without catalyst) to treat the exhaust gases from a wide range of industrial processes…

Del-Tron Precision Launches New Website with Tools for Linear Motion System Design

Del-Tron Precision, Inc., a manufacturer of precision linear motion devices, has launched a new website that provides engineers with an unprecedented array of design tools. The new website enables users to identify products based on a wide range of criteria, calculate life and moment loads, download solid models and order products. ‘Our goal with the new website is to put all of the information needed at the fingertips of the design engineer to develop an optimized linear motion solution in much less time than was required in the past,’ said Emil Melvin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Del-Tron Precision. ..

Lexco Cable Supports 2009 Academy Awards…Literally!

Norridge, Illinois (February 28, 2009) – That backdrop of shimmering Swarovski crystals at this year’s Academy Awards could never have happened as easily if not for Lexco Cable. The provider of custom cables supplied five miles of its premium cable to support the 92,000 Austrian crystals that comprised the 100-foot wide by 60-foot tall display. The assemblage was handmade by Orion of Rhode Island and weighed in at a whopping three tons! Says Howard Turco of Orion: ‘I’d like to thank Lexco for all of its help. The 1/32′ cable Lexco supplied worked out well to hold all that crystal! (All 22,000 feet of it.) We’ve used other cable before and paid much more for less quality. The flexibility of Lexco’s cable made our job much easier. Thanks Again.’

How to Write a Specification For and Evaluate a Design/Build Cleanroom Proposal

With the increasing emphasis on utilizing the design/build method of delivery in the construction industry, and the desire to evaluate proposals using that old adage of ‘apples to apples’, it becomes incumbent upon the owner to create a specification which will insure that contractors have the appropriate information to propose the facility accurately…

Reflections on 3 years with IQS

During the past 3 years, our company has significantly shifted our allocation of advertising dollars in response to changes in the industrial marketing landscape. For many years, we had relied heavily on the prominence of the Thomas Register in both print and electronic versions, as well as our own internet site, to provide exposure to buyers of custom industrial brushes. Our target for this advertising includes engineering, purchasing, plant management, and maintenance personnel in a range of business from specialty equipment builders through commercial manufacturing and processing facilities, including industrial distributors, machine shops and service companies in between.

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