Are You Going to Shred That? Industrial Shredding for a Greener, More Secure World

We should not waste our waste, like elementary school teaches: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Improper waste management is risky for the environment and the security of your company and/or clients.

Two buzz phrases that you couldn’t possibly have missed in this new millennium: “Going Green” and “Identity Theft.” In this environmentally and privacy conscious world, industrial shredding is in high demand. It’s not simply about destroying sensitive documents or reducing the size of waste to make more room in trash bins and dumpsters; industrial shredders and grinders make an array of discarded materials viable for recycling and reuse.

A company can enhance their public profile by instituting a waste shredding/recycling program, and both business intelligence and customer/client information can be shredded to the tiniest micro-cut pieces. So, if you’re dealing with significant amounts of discarded paper, cardboard, plastic, tires, rubber, wood, digital media, metal or “e-scrap” – all that defective and obsolete computer equipment – industrial shredding seems to be the way to go.

The document destruction business has been in full swing since identity theft became a major concern in this high-tech world, and it has even been legislated that banks, financial institutions and health care providers improve the way they dispose of paper work. Companies are either purchasing industrial paper shredders or hiring document destruction firms with a shredding arsenal. We’re not talking those trash-can-top shredders you can buy at your nearest office supply store; we’re talking heavy-duty industrial paper shredders from $10,000 to $40,000 that can handle hundreds of sheets at once or combination machines for those CDs, zip disks and other backup digital storage items too.

One thing is for sure: we could have used an industrial paper shredder in the production office/luxury hotel suite of the movie production that recently came to my hometown. A big chunk of my first day was shredding a mammoth pile of documents, to which people were constantly adding. Shredding whole movie scripts – among other confidential documents – is very tedious and time-consuming when one person is trying to cram 15 … maybe 20 … through a receptacle-top shredder. When housekeeping came to haul away the bags of paper for the day, we mused, “Hope they’re recycling that.”

Now, that was an instance where a company was out of its permanent location and had to scramble to control the chaos. However, for companies that don’t have temporary location issues, industrial shredding is a big investment and one that should be taken seriously if considerable amounts of waste are involved. Because of the monetary commitment – the least expensive seem to be cardboard shredders in the range of $2,000 to $7,000 – budgeting is an essential part of the plan. Having a disposal/recycling outlet in place is a must as well. Plus, employees need to be trained and ready for their roles in the process once the equipment is purchased and installed.

By investing in how best to slice, dice and grind a myriad of materials, some smart, diversified manufacturers of industrial shredding equipment have greatly improved annual sales numbers by meeting demands with the most advanced products and services. They have product lines for all needs – from single stationary units or mobile units for transportation of shreddings to multi-task machines and complete in-plant shredding, separation, conveying & storage centers. Versatile systems with multiple shredders for the most heavy-duty, varied-material needs can run into the millions of dollars. Whether you are looking for secure destruction, recycling or even alternative fuel & energy production capabilities, Industrial Quick Search’s manufacturers have you covered.