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Molded Urethane

American Urethane, Inc. LogoIf you are in need of a custom urethane part, our team at American Urethane will contact you directly to assist you with the design and specifications of your product. Our full-service facility allows us to assist you, our customer, in a number of ways. We have on-site capabilities to do tooling and mold making, casting and molding, and metal bonding and inserts. Quality is an integral part of our production process. We are fully compliant with EPA and OSHA regulations, and we inspect all parts before they are shipped. Delivering high-quality urethane parts to you at a competitive price is our goal. Custom-molded polyurethane parts from American Urethane, Inc. are utilized in many industries. We supply parts for elevators/escalators, power tools, plumbing, computer chips, and much more. The properties of polyurethane make it long lasting and durable, which saves you money. Contact us today for your rush quote!