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Pressure Switch Manufacturers and Warning Systems

Imagine the following situation. You are the pilot of a commercial airliner on a sold-out flight. You are carefully monitoring all of the instrumentation in the cockpit, and so far the flight is going smoothly. Unbeknownst to you, though, a piece of a decrepit satellite that broke off in orbit is on a collision course with the body of your aircraft. The piece strikes the fuselage and causes a breach in the cabin. Immediately, the sensors in the cockpit indicate that there has been a loss in cabin pressure, and the passengers must be notified that they need to don their oxygen masks. You then make anfavicon emergency landing at the nearest airport where your startled but perfectly safe passengers disembark and go about collecting refunds and flight reassignments from the airline. Crisis averted.

Imagine now what would have happened if you’d had no sensors to indicate what was going on in the aircraft. Imagine if it was only apparent to you that something serious was wrong, but exactly what was wrong couldn’t be determined? This is why pressure switches are installed on aircraft. Pressure switch manufacturers make a wide variety of pressure switches to suit the varied demand for their products, and aircraft pressure switches are some of the most important varieties available. They can mean the difference between safely and unsafely operating an aircraft. In the case of cabin pressure indicators, pressure switches are installed to react to decreases in ambient pressure. This reaction triggers the dispatch of a signal from the measuring instrumentation to the notification system, which tells the pilot that something is wrong, which in turn allows the pilot to react appropriately. Pressure switch manufacturers supply the aerospace industry, as well as many other industries, with essential products that safeguard people and equipment.

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