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Automotive Compressor Pressure Switches

Yesterday, I took my 1997 Ford Escort in for an oil change. I know very little about cars, so I almost never undertake even the most basic maintenance tasks by myself. Here’s what I do know about my car. I know that it needs gas in order to run. I know the battery has to be charged if I want the engine to start. I do know where the wiper fluid goes, and I actually put duct tape on the rusty spots in order to keep the doors from rusting into oblivion. That’s about it, though. So, when I noticed that my mileage exceeded the number onfavicon the sticker on my windshield, I took the car in to get the oil changed.

There were a couple of things I noticed while I was there. First, the staff were very, very friendly. This is likely why I ended up going with the $50 oil instead of the $30 oil. Second, while they were filling up my tires, I listened to the sound of the air compressor switching on and then off again a few seconds after they finished with my tires. I knew at that moment that I was experiencing the end-user benefit of a pressure switch.

Somehow, despite my limited knowledge best online casino of cars and how they work, when I was in high school I got a job as a lot attendant at a car dealership. So I was intimately familiar with how the tire air compressor worked. The pressure switches in this equipment are almost as important as the equipment itself. They regulate the operation of the compressor, which prevents it from becoming dangerously overfilled. This also saves their users money, and because they can be integrated into automatic filling apparatus, it allows the process to operate independent of oversight. These benefits don’t apply only to air compressor pressure switches; any equipment that is integrated with a pressure switch offers those same benefits to their users.

As was demonstrated during my short encounter with them, pressure switches aren’t beneficial only to industry; consumers experience the benefits of their use as well.

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