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Air Pressure Switches for Industry, Commerce and Elsewhere

Air pressure switches are a rare example of a widely used industrial utility that also has crossover appeal. An air pressure switch could be used, for example, as part of the control system for a pneumatic conveyor’s air compression system in a heavy industrial setting, and in a commercial setting an air pressure switch could be used to regulate the operation of an air compressor used to power pneumatic hand tools in a high school theatre scene construction shop. In either case, they are widely available at relatively low cost, and they can easily be added to systems that requirefavicon them. For this reason and for other reasons, air pressure switches are very important utilities.

Think about why air pressure switches are so helpful. There really isn’t any very effective way for a human to measure and control the pressurization of air in an enclosure. If, for example, an employee at a car dealership was tasked with filling car tires on a regular basis, that employee would need access to a portable air compressor. Typically, these air compressors are small enough to be carted around on a dolly, and their air capacity is low enough that they need to be re-pressurized regularly. Because the attendant wouldn’t be able to tell when such a tank is sufficiently pressurized without some kind of mechanical metering tool, access to such tools is essential in such contexts. Air pressure switches add an additional dimension of utility in that they are often capable of providing compression readings as well as automatically controlling the flow of air into a compression enclosure. This further reduces the burden of control from users, reducing the likelihood of equipment damage or even user injury. This is why air pressure switches are so popular and so widely valued in industry and in other contexts.

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